Cult of Shads

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Historians agree that The Cult of Shads was founded 50 yrs ago by Shads. He was born south of Godville in a small cottage on a dark and stormy night and was one of fifteen siblings. He left as soon as he was old enough to pursue adventure and riches. He ended up in the streets of Godville where he developed a large network of "Magic Rock" labs and hoes. His posse soon became so large he decided to create the cult. A band of hippy thieves and drug induced rave addicts they soon gathered more to join. Always looking for more customers for their "Magic Rock" product they relentlessly scour Godville. Wealth and bitches is a way of life for the cult and they welcome any who has the ability to bring in more bank for their fellow homies.

The small cottage where Shads grew up

It was cramped with 15 childern!

A few examples of how people see themselves after taking the "Magic Rock"

Sasha loves the Magic Rock.
Little Tommy is about to have a bad trip.
That apple really isn't there, but that doesn't matter.
Unfortunately, she thinks she has wings. And is about to jump. Oh well, these things happen.

Godville, from which the cult operates out of

The city is ripe with addicts and bitches. Just how the cult likes it.

Some pictures of past parties from the cult's crib

Bitches waiting for some "Magic Rock".
The damn city guard is always looking for a hand out. Oh well, we have plenty of protection gold.
We made bank that night!
This guy wasn't even invited. He just walked right in and started drinking all of our Red Wine. Real spooky fellow too. Contantly covering himself with his cape and fondling our bitches. We kicked him out.

The founder of the "Cult of Shads" guild....Shads!!

No comment.

How to Join

If you would like your hero to enjoy in the wealth and benefits of our cult lifestyle (bitches), send a voice saying:

Join the "Cult of Shads" guild

For the best chance of success, send the command while:

  • Your hero is at least level 12
  • Your hero is outside of town
  • Your hero is idle (not fighting)
  • Do not cancel your current quest