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| habitat = Crypts
| habitat = Crypts
| description = Thirsty, hungover, in alcohol withdrawals, and extremely irritable.
| description = Thirsty, hungover, in alcohol withdrawals, and extremely irritable.
| pet = yes
| pet-level-from = 110
| pet-level-from = 110
| feature = Dungeon
| pet-features = Dungeon-ability; [[Pets#List of pets|might have more]]
| strong = yes
| strong = yes

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Pets of Godville
Crypt Creeper
Ravenna Cathedral Cissi Luzoniensis
he is in crypt’s creeping
Strong Monster
Class Un-undead
Habitat Crypts
Description Thirsty, hungover, in alcohol withdrawals, and extremely irritable.
Tame at levels 110–124 (139 with ark)
Features Dungeon-ability; might have more

The Crypt Creeper was known to creep in crypts, which is cryptic behavior, for it hates being in a crypt.

It was originally thought to be dead by liver failure, and put into the crypt, but then it woke from its alcohol-induced slumber and crept all over the crypt, gradually exhausting the beer stock buried with him. Then he tried to escape, which he was able to do easily because the crypt was not zombie-proof, and thus easy for all undead and accidentally buried to escape. Now he stalks the lands, in search of the people who mistakenly buried him, and constructors of non-undead-proof crypts, for safety must come first!



  • Good at creeping in crypts
  • Devours heroes that are buried in crypts


  • Will let you go if you tell him you can teach him to explode
  • Might let you live if you say you build only zombie-proof crypts
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