Criminal Master Mime

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Monsters of Godville
Criminal Master Mime
Class Mimic
Habitat street corners and stages
Death Rattle ............. !
Description black and white and red all over

Monster: Criminal Master Mime (Mimus malus)

The Criminal Master Mime is a monster of few words, but great intelligence.

It is commonly seen near towns; particularly at street corners and on makeshift stages. Heroes often describe it as an annoying monster that is a mime of all mimes and can be defeated easily if hero has no phobia of actors or clowns.


  • Will always outmaneuver even the most nimble of warriors with its wily moves
  • Can fake emotions and pull faces to such a degree that most enemies will not only recoil in horror but be sent packing in terror !


  • Cannot speak, so cannot ask for more beer or bacon sandwiches, and will quite often starve to death
  • Tends to get caught up in imaginary boxes

Field Notes

  • Our field agent, after much resolve and determination, did find one good combat technique to use against such monsters...


  • We have just issued warning on a new cross-breed of Criminal Master Mime and Not So Funny Now Clown. If you see such a beast approaching, be sure to make good use of your Laugh Track - an anathema to those monsters.