Criminal Master Mime

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Criminal Master Mime
Mimus malus
Strong Monster
Class Mimic
Habitat Street corners and stages
Death Rattle .............!
Description Black and white and red all over

The Criminal Master Mime is a monster of few words, but great intelligence.

It is commonly seen near towns; particularly at street corners and on makeshift stages. Heroes often describe it as an annoying monster that is a mime of all mimes and can be defeated easily if hero has no phobia of actors or clowns.

If a heroine sees such a beast approaching, she may wish to make good use of a laugh track - a somewhat insanely annoying anathema to this kind of monster. Some also say that videos of deer being caught in headlights are also a way to stop the Criminal Master Mime, but this requires further study.



  • Will always outmaneuver even the most nimble of warriors with its wily moves
  • Can fake emotions and pull faces to such a degree that most enemies will not only recoil in horror but be sent packing in terror !


  • Cannot speak, so cannot ask for more beer or bacon sandwiches, and will quite often starve to death
  • Tends to get caught up in imaginary boxes to its own detriment

Field Notes