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[[Image:The_Scream1.jpg|thumb|Oh no, not another Godvillain]]
'''Cri de Coeur''' (Cry from the heart) is a [[combat skills|'''Combat Skill''']].
With all the indignation in their heavy hearts the Hero or Heroine makes impassioned protest against the continued existence of monsters in the world.
Those who has mastered this skill can heave forth ''such great sighs of resentment'' that they can flatten monsters but leave buildings standing.
The really true adept lets forth a ''woeful sob'' that enemies will back away, mired in pathos and fear, straight into a portal that is opened by this same ''woeful cry''. Such enemies are ''never'' seen again, not ever. 
===Level 1-10===
* At lower levels, ''Cri de Coeur'' will unnerve monsters as they consider whether they deserve to continue their wretched existence in the world.
===Level 11-20===
* At intermediate levels, this skill makes all beings around flee in a state of existential dread: monsters, demons, flies, bugs and beetles all take wing and flee.
===Level 21-30===
* At higher levels the Hero's sheer force of will bends the fabric of space-time removing the monster from the universe.
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