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== Writing an article in 3 short steps ==
* '''Before writing an article, YOU MUST READ THE GUIDELINE FOR THAT TYPE OF ARTICLE or your article may at worst be deleted.''' ''List of [[:Category:Guidelines|Guidelines]]''
* '''To start writing an article, write the title of it in the search bar. If the article does not already exist,it will give you the option to 'create page' so click it.'''
* '''The [[Rules]] of wiki editing must be kept to at all times.'''
'''Step 1.''' Don't write a title, the name of the page will appear at the top of the article
'''Step 2''' An article should be at least one short paragraph long. See below for guides on all aspects of this.
'''Step 3''' Make sure you write '''all''' the categories your article belongs to at the bottom of the article. Here is an example:
    <pre>[[Category:Artifacts]] [[Category:Bold Artifacts]]</pre>
Please note that when saving any changes you have made to an article, you should tick the 'minor edit' box at the bottom unless you have just created a brand new article. This prevents the 'recent changes' page from being muddled up and makes the job of moderators much easier.
* '''Never sign articles with your username.'''
= Formatting =
* '''You may want to use [[Templates]] in your article. ''List of [[:Category:Templates|Templates]]'''''
* How to write Bold text    - - - 3 apostrophes on each side of text - - -   
appears as
* How to write Italic text  - - - 2 apostrophes on each side of text - - -   
appears as
* How to write Bold Italic text - - - 5 apostrophes on each side of text - - - 
appears as
* Write a clickable link to an article inside this wiki - - - encase title of article to be linked to (which is case sensitive) in double square brackets then a pipe symbol and the intended appearance - - -
<pre>[[Pets|All about pets!]]</pre>
appears as
[[Pets|All about pets!]]
''Note: the pipe symbol can be used by holding down the shift key then typing the backwards slash key at the bottom left of your keyboard''
* Write a clickable link to an external page - - - Encase link with single square brackets then after the link, type a space, then write the intended appearence of the link - - -
<pre>[http://www.example.com/ Example link]</pre>
appears as
[http://www.example.com/ Example link]
'''All the above have shortcuts that can be used by highlighting the intended text then clicking on the appropriate button on top of the input box'''
* How to write bullet points - - - write an asterisk at the beginning of the line - - -
<pre>* Example</pre>
appears as
* Example
*How to write a numbered list - - - write # at the beginning of each line. spaces will separate the number sequences.
appears as
Headlines should be used at the beginning of a new paragraph about a new topic.
<pre>==Level 2 Headline==</pre>
'''appears as'''
==Level 2 Headline==
There are various levels of headlines which can be used to give structure to an article.
The headline you should use is the level two headline although you may also use higher level (smaller in size) ones. The level is decided by the number of equals signs on one side of the text, which should also be mirrored on the other side (like above).
Images can be used in articles by typing the name of the image file into different codes:
To use the full version of the file:
To use a 200 pixel wide rendition of the image:
To use a 200 pixel wide rendition in a box in the left margin with 'write text here' as a caption:
<pre>[[Image:Example.png|200px|thumb|left|write text here]]</pre>
For directly linking to the file without displaying the file:
====How to now upload the image====
'''Once the image code has been typed, finish writing the rest of the article. When finally saving the article after finishing, you will see clickable links in the places where the image coding was typed. For every one of the image codes you typed, you will need to click on the link that has replaced the particular image code and do the following: Clicking one of the links will bring you to a page where you will be asked to upload the image from your computer. Before doing this, make sure the file extension (for example ''.png'') [of the image you wish to upload] matches the file extension you have written for the file name on the upload form, then upload your image. The image will now be displayed on the article.'''
=External Links=
You may wish to include a last section of your article. This should be done by writing external links (see the chapter on formatting previously) and using bullet points. Here is an example of how it should be done:
'''This code:'''
<pre>==External Links==
* [http://www.example.com/ Example link 1]
* [http://www.example.org/ Example link 2]
* [http://www.example.net/ Example link 3]</pre>
'''appears as'''
==External Links==
* [http://www.example.com/ Example link 1]
* [http://www.example.org/ Example link 2]
* [http://www.example.net/ Example link 3]
Footnotes can be added with <nowiki><ref></nowiki> tags like this:
<pre>There are 600 cows<ref>last counted yesterday</ref> which roam the fields.</pre>
appears as
There are 600 cows<ref>last counted yesterday</ref> which roam the fields.
Then at the very end of the article, add this:
<pre>== References ==
which appears as
== References ==
= Conclusion =
Now that you know enough to write a good wiki article, you can contribute! Thank you for reading. If you would like to suggest changes to this guide, please contact its creator; {{god|Spode}}. Otherwise, please do not tamper with it as all other changes will be undone.
[[Category:Technical]] [[Category:Guidelines]]

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