Cracked Kraken

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... I remember walking through a pepper grove when I stumbled upon this creature. I was lost and decided to climb the tallest tree, as my god was busy or just not answering my prayers for guidance. What to you expect from ... ohh, nothing lord I wasn't thinking bad thoughts.

I found a strange looking tree, kinda spiral, and a dark grey and black trunk. I started to climb it when I noticed it was very smooth, and there were lots of handholds, filled with cracked pepper. I stopped and gathered some up in a bag. Pepper was big back in Trollville, due to their awful cooks, and I could definitely sell some for a profit! Then I dropped the bag and my supply of rock salt spilled out on to the knob I was standing on. The knob opened and I saw it was an eye. A very irritated and angry eye! My salt must have gotten into it.

With a scream of fury, I was thrown and landed hard on my pack. I gasped, "I'm sorry lord I will never think bad thoughts about you again", at least not where you can hear. Sitting up, I saw a large eight tentacled, spiral shelled monster. With a great sweep of its tentacles, it gathered up the nuts and fruits of the grove and shoved them into its beak like maw. Then I head a terrible grinding noise, as the shell began to turn on its body.

I took this opportunity to quietly get to my feet, and begin an attack in the opposite direction. Screaming loudly,"Lord protect me", I ran to a better position behind a stand of trees. The Cracked Kraken, turned its mighty eye to my hiding spot and with a woosh of air, it sent a cracked pepper cloud to engulf my area. Choking and wheezing, eyes stinging and tearing, I grabbed randomly into my bag and threw the first thing my hands found. Turns out it was my cache of salt rock. The bag opened upon impact, sending salt rock flying into the thing's beak and eyes. The mighty creature thrashed in pain and sent trees flying in all directions. One of the largest trees crashed through the tree I was using for cover (and still choking behind), and swept me out of the grove completely. I was incapacitated, and decided to sleep there under the cover of the leaves until the pain and pepper went away.

Creature Observations

The Cracked Kraken is huge, towering over trees when not sleeping.

While not overtly aggressive, it hates salt and will attack any source of it. Even salt of sweaty heroes.

It grinds the pepper nuts and fruits into a nice paste and feeds on the tasty pepper blend, but also uses it to attack in large caustic clouds.

Its tentacles are strong enough to break trees in a single sweep. So heroes would be very easy to break.

It seems to be allergic to salt, so if you keep a handy supply of it in any form you can use it to temporarily discomfort the Cracked Kraken and get away.

It seems to be sight orientated. I've heard from other travelers that if you stay still and rub pepper all over you, it will leave you alone, just don't sneeze.

... Excerpt from the diary of A.B...