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*Rushing B
*As smart as a bird
*As smart as a bird
*Running low on ammunition
*Running low on ammunition

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Monsters of Godville
Counter Shrike
Lanius Militarus
Class Bird
Habitat Treetops, Battlefields
Description Territorial Millitary Bird

The Counter Shrike (Lanius Militarus) is a highly territorial monster with access to military weapons. If this monster gets irritated or attacked, it is common for thr annoyance or attacker to be shot dead.

General Information

Counter Shrikes typically form small groups and work together to defend their territory. If some form of opposition enters their territory, the Counter Shrikes will use their weapons and military prowess to overwhelm and kill them. However, these monsters generally do not attack anything they do not see as a threat or as an enemy - but they will attack heroes regardless.

Some of the weapons Counter Shrikes use:

  • Firearms
  • Cannons
  • Explosives
  • Tanks(Rarely)
  • Fighter Jets (Almost Never)



  • Military Weapons
  • Flight
  • Discipline
  • Rushing B


  • As smart as a bird
  • Running low on ammunition