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The *Council of Ricks* is the governing body over all Ricks within reality. The council rules from their secret headquarters called the Citadel of Ricks.
The council is comprised of six Ricks who stood out from the rest. Rick (C-137) was offered a spot on the council but refused it, condemning the council. Afterwards they deemed him "the rogue," for he is one of the few Ricks, along with The Scientist Formerly Known as Rick, who refuses to comply with the council.
The Council of Ricks are capable of giving Ricks a Morty in the event that the Morty from their timeline dies. To the Council and most Ricks, Morty and his counterparts are nothing more than cloaks. Some Ricks in the Citadel go so far as to sell accessories and insurance for Mortys, treating Mortys like objects.

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