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Deities of Godville
Corvus Silver 
Hero X-01 Exoskeleton
Personality Chaotic Neutral
Gender Male

Corvus Silver is the God of Primordial Chaos, the Dungeon Overlord, and the Lord of Infinity, amongst other self-given titles. He is the original founder of Nautilus, founder and current de facto leader of Arkhein, and the Dungeon Lord of the Infinity Tower.

Physical Appearance

Actual Form

Gender: Uhhhhhh...

Height: 2'

Hair: None

Eyes: None

Skin: None

His actual form is that of a sphere of approximately 2 feet in diameter. Although it appears to be made of glass, it is actually made up of... well, Corvus doesn't actually know, but he can be dropped from a mile up and not even get a scratch, and that's what matters. The sphere is a somewhat translucent orange with tinges of red, and a green shard that runs from the top to the bottom of the orb gives it the appearance of a cat's eye.

Humanoid Form

Gender: Male

Height: 5’10”

Hair: Medium length straight black hair

Eyes: Dark brown

Skin: Slightly tanned

Based on the form he had before being turned into a glass-like orb, a humanoid android of average height and slightly athletic build, with slightly tanned skin and black hair. He usually appears garbed in black, wearing a trench coat, t-shirt, cargo pants, combat boots, and a fedora with a bullet-sized hole in the brim. Don't ask, there was this whole thing with the mafia and a fireworks factory I don't want to get into right now.

Oh yeah, and the cybernetic eyepatch with the red jewels, can't forget that.


Corvus Silver was originally a human from the planet Earth, who predicted the rise of an unnamed intergalactic entity known as the Magnificent. These visions allowed the Magnificent to foresee various obstacles; as a reward, the human was granted a new life as an immortal spirit after death.

Reborn as a being known as a Crow, Corvus could inhabit suitable vessels that could contain a sentient intelligence and did not already contain a soul. He used his newfound ability and freedom to go on adventures throughout the Multiverse, from serving a queen as her undying bodyguard to becoming a king to infiltrating a robotics institute of dubious ethics to learn robotic engineering.

The oddest adventures he had, to be sure, were those that happened in Godville. Due to an abnormal singularity, he arrived with the mind of his mortal self from Earth. Corvus had to embark on a journey to relearn how to use his "main" body, modeled after his mortal form but several times stronger and faster, and to find a way to regain the mind of the real Corvus. This required finding a temple in the Jagged Mountains, one that worshiped a god of fire that was no more. Making his way through various traps, he eventually made his way to the heart of the temple, where the remaining worshipers were praising an orb that they believed contained their slumbering god.

The truth was that the orb contained Hellhawk, a phoenix spirit that was Corvus's familiar, had been trapped inside the orb when they initially arrived in Godville, and had been found by the cult and placed on an altar. Corvus rectified the situation by forcing his way to the orb, releasing Hellhawk and using her power to regain his original mind and returning to normal.

After defeating the cult in a very cinematic battle, the Crow journeyed to the floating island of Atlantis, hijacking it so he could make use of its facilities to construct an airship. Dubbed the Hailong, it became the now defunct headquarters of Nautilus. Project Verne as he called it, Nautilus was meant to be a node in an intergalactic network of contacts the Crow could call upon, just in case. He then arranged an undocumented adventure into a kingdom known as Ashfall, where he gained a following large enough to grant him divinity.

As the newly minted God of Chaos, he left Nautilus, journeying without aim for a time and visiting other guilds that interested him. Eventually, he settled down and formed a new guild known as Arkhein. An experiment that worked almost too well caused his power and consciousness to merge with the orb that once contained Hellhawk, turning him into a Dungeon Heart. With this new form, he created a Proto-Dungeon dubbed the Infinity Tower, which now serves as Arkhein headquarters.


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