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| hero = X-01 Exoskeleton
| hero = X-01 Exoskeleton
| gender = Male
| gender = Male
| guild = Heirs of the Pantheon
| guild = Arkhein
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|align="center" | '''Domain''' || Chaos
|align="center" | '''Domain''' || Hunting and Domination
|align="center" | '''Title''' || ''Unknown''
|align="center" | '''Title''' || God of the Hunt
|align="center" | '''Personal Symbol''' || Hurricane
|align="center" | '''Alignment''' || Chaotic Neutral
'''Class''': Minor God
'''Domain''': Hunting and Domination
'''Title''': God of the Hunt
'''Alignment''': Chaotic Neutral
==Physical Appearance==
==Physical Appearance==

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Deities of Godville
Corvus Silver 
Hero X-01 Exoskeleton
Gender Male
Domain Hunting and Domination
Title God of the Hunt
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Physical Appearance

Gender: Male

Height: 5’10”

Hair: Medium length straight black hair, curved at the ends

Eyes: Dark brown

Skin: Slightly tanned


Is usually lackadaisical, perfectly willing to follow random impulses and flights of whimsy for fun. However, when something catches his interest, he can quickly reach a level of focus that turns that interest into a passion. This is especially true of obstacles that somehow or other take his interest; obstacles that do are quickly categorized as “challenges” which he must conquer without hesitation. That being said, a problem that fails to garner his interest is most likely to be foisted on someone else to deal with.

While he has historically prefered technology over use of the arcane arts, he has a particular passion for magitech.

Due to a “My Side vs. Everything Else” mentality, he naturally sees conflicts as being black and white, not in terms of good or evil but in what the appropriate action to take is. Anyone he considers as his friend is automatically on “his side”, so he will defend them, even if doing so results in making entire worlds his enemy.



Tinkerer: Why fight when you can build something to fight for you? Has learned how to devise contraptions and devices, specializing in robotics.

Android Body: We can rebuild him. We have the technology. Synthetic body grants physical attributes superior to those of his build, including increased strength, speed, durability, and unlimited stamina

Assassin’s Instinct: Your mistake was not hiring me first. Specializes in ending fights quickly, or eliminating single targets and small groups without drawing attention.


Vulnerable Spirit: A mighty soul that has no concept of defensive measures. Weak to abilities and attacks that affect the soul directly.

Overwhelmed Odds: No man should have to fight an army without a bigger army to help him. Is less combat-effective against large groups or armies

Fear of Spiders: Kill it with fire! Kill them ALL with fire! Will either subtly move away from a spider if it isn’t a threat, or lose his goddamned mind if it is.


Melee, handheld weapon: Guardian Spear

Long range weapon: Anti-Tank Arbalest

Armor: Black Overcoat

Accessories: “Umbrella” personal shield generator, Arachnos eye patch (worn over left eye), Godhand gauntlet (worn on left hand)

Other possessions: Armory of additional gadgets and weaponry.


Soul Boost - Powered by the soul. Drains his spiritual energy to increase physical attributes. Spiritual energy slowly replenishes over time, but overuse of ability can cause permanent soul destruction.

Hunter’s Brand - You can run, but don’t even think of trying to hide. Can designate a target by sight and track the target anywhere, even across dimensions.

Geass of the Watcher- Power of Kings, grant Sight beyond Sight! Can perceive through the eyes of anyone and everyone within a 300m radius. When active, his left eye’s pupil is replaced with a red sigil.

Soul Scarring - Joining the scar “collection” can sting a bit. Can inflict wounds that damage the target’s soul, then fills the wound with energy from his own soul to enthrall them. Targets with strong souls may need to be weakened first.

Hellhawk - A bird spirit that lights things on fire. Can invoke the name of his phoenix familiar to imbue an object with a fire enchantment, or to heal organic wounds. Hellhawk has a limited store of energy to power these abilities.


Once a mortal man on a world where everyone was normal (other than seeing the stories of other worlds and unknowingly writing them as “fictional” stories), Corvus was reincarnated as a spirit known as a Crow. With this form, he could possess any suitable vessel, including a body of synthetic design, crafted by the same mysterious benefactor response for his rebirth.

With a form of immortality coupled with an advanced body, Corvus Silver went on a number of adventures, claiming many gadgets and weapons and self-proclaimed titles of renown along the way.

The adventure that changed his second life the most was the adventure now lost to the void; the adventure that made him a god. Of course, for the adventuring spirit, this just meant he was immortal in the truest sense, now able to pursue fun and excitement with even greater reckless abandon!