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* May have to deal with other [[beasties]].
* May have to deal with other [[beasties]] misbehaviour instead of the ark.
* Will be distracted by food.
* Will be distracted by food.
* Memory loss every few minutes.
* Memory loss every few minutes.
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Beasties of Godville
Class Fish
Habitat Sea of Godville
Description Reporting for seas duty.
Type Single-Named
Strength Level 3: 30-39 HP

The Copfish is a beastie wandering in Godville' seas trying to make everyone there respect the law. Which law is that is still in research.


The Copfish main purpose is to regulate the flow of living in the seas to avoid conflict and incident. She is sometimes seens alongside a Traffic Siren for that mission.

The heroines' ark presence and carelessness is a infringment to the maritim laws the Copfish lives by. And the fact that sailors "steal" some precious treasure from the sea doesn't help downtalking this worhaholic fish.

Thus, the Copfish will approach any ark in sight to arrest the heroic sailor with a pattern analyzed by scientists:


The Copfish will approach the targetted ark in the following progressive pattern:

  1. Use a whistle to attract the ark attention and force its stop.
  2. Use of "sommation shoot"
  3. Use of small anti-ark weapons (canon, torch, etc.) if target doesn't cooperate
  4. Use of massive anti-ark weapons for destruction of the target.
  5. Call tug-boat to evacuate target and confiscate maritim treasures

"Study of the Copfish", GIMS, 3001g.e.

Despite this laboratory study, many testimonies claim that the Copfish started directly their approach with step 4. (Insert reference quote). This was put into the account of memory fish loss.




  • Perfect innate knowledge of obscur maritim laws.
  • Can use a whistle under waters.
  • Skilled in anti-arks maritime weapon.


  • May have to deal with other beasties misbehaviour instead of the ark.
  • Will be distracted by food.
  • Memory loss every few minutes.
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