Contagious yawning

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Skill Type: Combat

Contagious yawning is a common, but poorly understood skill using the ability to model the mental state of others. An enemy doesn't actually need to see the hero yawn to involuntarily yawn themselves; hearing the hero yawn or even reading about the hero yawning can cause the same reaction.


Level 1-5

Causes the enemy to yawn uncontrollably, thereby allowing time for the hero to pull a hat over the opponent's eyes and poke the opponent in the ear, or simply run away.

Level 6-10

Causes the enemy to yawn so profoundly that the enemy's jaw will crack from the effort, costing the enemy valuable hit points.

Level 11-20

Causes the enemy to yawn 40 times in rapid succession, then fall instantly into a deep slumber.

Level 21+

Causes the enemy to yawn at such an elementally empathetic level that the enemy's precuneus and posterior temporal gyrus suddenly spasm, and the enemy feels all of the hero's pain, thereby rendering the enemy incapable of inflicting further damage upon the hero.