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== Attributes ==
== Attributes ==
* Always sober
* Always sober
* Immune to freezing attacks
* Immune to freezing attacks

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Monsters of Godville
Cold Turkey
Class Poultry
Habitat Tundras and mountains
Description A turkey in clothes


The Cold Turkey (Frigus Meleagris) is an intelligent bird, with strict ethical codex. It is known to try to convince heroes never to drink beer again, this leads to most conflicts. It prefers cold climates, and likes to hang around taverns. Slightly bigger and more dressed than the common turkeys of Godville. The largest flock is supposed to live at Trollbridge, but it can be found all over the World's Apex. Some heroes prefer to marinate them in beer before cooking and consuming them, to further humiliate them after their defeat.



  • Always sober
  • Immune to freezing attacks
  • Mind-over-matter attitude
  • Can be very convincing indeed
  • Does not die instantly from losing its head


  • Vulnerability to fire attacks
  • No fun at parties
  • Quite clumsy

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