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Type: Combat skills

How-To Manual

OK, ladies and gents, let's get started on this how-to manual.


I. Things needed:
  1. A cobweb, preferably with its disgusting owner still on it.
  2. A strong stomach.
  3. The attention of your assailant.
II. You must be face to face with your adversary who might, or might not, be too big or too tough for you to handle.
III. With no sign of hesitation, gulp down (not just eat, chew, etc.) the entire cobweb (and if available the large spider along with it).
IV. Stare at your opponent, as if you didn't just eat a cobweb.

Best case scenarios

  1. He's so disgusted that he loses interest in you.
  2. He vomits.
  3. He runs in utter fear of what else you might be capable of.
  4. You vomit and the smell is so bad, he loses the will to fight you anymore and runs away, because of said odor.

I hoped you enjoyed my how-to cobweb gulp.