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Champion of the God: Oiu
Personality: virtuous
Gender: Male
Level: 41
Motto: Duck tape is a friend
Guild: Knights who say Ni
Guild Rank: Advisor
Temple Completion Date: 99.6
Pet Type: Significant otter
Pet Name: simba

Clax is the champion of oiu someday near 3911 g.e. we don’t know what he did to please the god oiu but he did-famous godville scholar

UPDATE We officially found the Chronicles of clax

he impressed the god oiu by doing <censord> after he did <censord> the god oiu made him he’s chapion, he did meany wounderful things for oiu most noteably killing the one eyed one horn flying purple people eater for this he was rewared the holy hand gernade of Antioch until he lost it…