Church of the Ultramundanely

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Church of the Ultramundanely
Motto: Speak ultramundane, act ultramundane, be ultramundane.
Alignment: true brightness!
Gold Fund: 107 c.u.
Date Founded: October 2014 A.D.
Membership Count: A grand amount of two
Guild Page: Church of the Ultramundanely 

This is the guild that follows the commands of the great Ultramundane Chicken.


The ultramundanely's commandments are few, and are not numbered, as that may show importance. They are as follows:

  • Obey law, for law gives order, peace and freedom, save for when the order is one of a tyrant.
  • Do not prosecute those who do not respect the Ultramundanely, unless they first prosecute you for your belief in the being.
  • Be kind to those who deserve it, like people who are nice to you, people who donate to charity, but not spiteful people.
  • Do not discriminate against people who are different
  • Respect the Ultramundanely, as I respect people.
  • Value the great, unusual things that occur, or in other words, ultramundane events.


The world was created in the big bang as it is now called. The Ultramundane chicken was there, watching with interest. It saw the wonderful earth, and breathed life onto it. This life was primitive microbes, but evolved, becoming smarter, stronger and civilised. He then created the many divine gods to watch over his creation. This is adverse to the belief that the admins created the many divines and the earth.