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Chronicles of Victorique Vang (Mobile)
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Personality: complex
Gender: Female

Heroine of the Fallen Ragnarok: Victorique Vang Chronicles

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Note :

  1. there's animated images in this chronicle, so give it some time to load before you start reading. Thank you.
  2. this chronicle contains horror, comedy, drama, romance, adventure, and much more. so be prepared to see the best chronicle ( still in developing )
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Prologue: Part 1 - The Dark Fall

" Father! When can I have my own Unicorn as my pet?" said an 8 years old little girl. She's got long silky blue hair covered with white silk bonnet with a big ribbon on it,her dress was sewed with smooth silk and laces side by the finest tailor; her blue eyes sparkles like two shiniest sapphire when she plead to have a new pet.

"Well honey, remember the last time we get you a Prancing Pony for you? Now she's sleeping in the ground beneath you. Besides, you don't need your own personal courier since we got Mr.Midnight , and he don't like to make friends apart from us, others will just go into his belly." a middle-aged man in a purple tuxedo and a bow tie arrogantly boasting about his pet, an enormous beast covered with tenebrous dark feathers, standing tall with two pairs of crimson claws. "Honey, what are you still doing here, Miss Monica is waiting for you at the piano room."

"But father, I am tired of all these learning, those piano, violin, English French Italy and so on, so much learning that I don't even have time to play with my dolls." Her dimples are yet to be seen when she was there pouting her mouth angrily.


" Well honey, that's all for your own good. As a Victori Family, you need to have those skills and knowledge, to become the heir of the Vangt, 20th Vv. I should go now and I'm very busy here. I will get you some golden cookies when I get back. Adios honey." After saying, he took a lift on its courier, the Merce-Dragon and left.

"Okay papa, good bye and take care." said the lonely little girl with tears in her eyes. All she wanted is just like all other kids, some freedom time to play with their barbie dolls and friends they could play with.

Blue hair violins closed eyes anime girls original character 2631x1860 wallpaper 48.jpg

Although she lives in a huge mansion in the city of Victoria Memorica, a large city full of guards, Earls and Royals, she doesn't have any friends to play with. All she got is a friend she met at the ball few years ago joining a royal party, her name is *Alice Wonderland*. Alice and her are very good friends that although they seldom met. When they do, they shares their story in the books they've read and making some of them even more interesting by adding their own story line. This had made the little girl the lust and love towards books and seeking more on knowledge.


It was one peaceful afternoon, just like a normal day that same with yesterday and the tomorrow that yet to come. As usual it was tea time with the fragrance of Earl Grey Tea of its perfection mix of lemon and black tea. On spur of moment, the shades of the trees are hidden and the sky are dyed into a total black. "Is it going to rain?" "Non little mistress, this is eclipse, the sun is blocked and the lights are gone-by for a moment." said the maid.

Followed by a loud burst of a roar, the color of the sky quickly blended in with bright red of burning flames. Screams of fears and chaotic spread all along until every corner. A monstrously huge dark shadow rises, covered the skies that even the stars are hidden behind. A strong blow hits towards the place and the earth starts shaking. She screamed. Just a moment another loud blows catch in and followed by more and more, the tremendous explosions breaking ears and shocking deep towards her heart. The ceilings start falling apart and destruction comes in. Out of sudden, her eyes went dark and the sounds around starts fading. ""

...end of part 1

Prologue: Part 2 - The Broken Heart

Urgh, my head... it hurts...

What am I doing here? I must wake up. Argh.. it hurts. I am bleeding..

Looks like the mansion just broke apart. these boulders are blocking my way..

Its so dark here. I better get to somewhere brighter..

Output jxAFMC.gif

Theres light there. wait, its fire!! the mansion is on fire!! Help! Help! anyone? Mom? Dad? Anyone there? Veronica!!! Vanessa!!! Where are you?! I am scared..

BAAANGGGG (explosion)

Ah!! what was that? the ground is shaking, what happened? why is the place is in such mess?

My legs, its bleeding, it hurts, but I need to keep going. gasp gasp.

BLAstt (explosion)

Ah.... i fell down again. have to get up. ugh......dup dup(footstep) ... need to walk on..

there's someone lying over there..........

Hello~, whos there? can you hear me?..............

" Honey?.... Go now.... save yourself honey, don't care about me. go.......gasp gasp "

Mom!! No mom, i cant leave you here, lets go together mom..

" Honey, save yourself..... and...... I love you........"

BRomTBtumB (explosion)

AhHH... another burst.... my eyes...... huh... what is this.................. bblood?..

what is this boulder? was it here before??

...Mom?.... Mom!!!! sob sob.. are you alright mom? mom!

sob sob.. answer me please mom, please, i am scared, don't leave me alone here mom. speak to me mom..

Urgh...ugh.. wait on mom.. I will help you go.... one......twO....thREE... AgHHH

...again..... one..two...thREE......UUerrhh.........I....I...can't move this..... but.......but mom.......

Oh no! the fire is coming! Erh Erh.... Must help mom.... come on mom...lets go.....

ahHHHHHH... the Fire!! its burning here... go away! you darn fire go away!

uhH uHHH..... Ouch!! my I gonna die here??.... sob sobb...............

Well......seems i need to take the fate....... ♩ ♪ ♫

♫ Cest le monde est beau et bon ~
Its a world that is beautiful and wonderful~
il e la joyeux et l'amour..
it has so much fun and love~
mais il doit être le passé.......
yet it has to be the past.....
En ce lieu le plus sombre, de mes yeux~....
In this darkest place of my eyes,
avec les roses brûlantes de ma joie...
with the burning roses of my joy
Ne pas se faire oublier -
not to be forget ,
le jour plus doux_sur ma vie~
the sweetest day of my life,
qui sont destinés dans_la mémoire.......♩ ♪
that are meant to be only in the memory......~

" Good bye~ my beloved world.............................................."


...end of prologue

Chapter One

Chapter One: Part 1 - Apocalypse

As I opened my eyes, I was still there at the same place, wondered how long had past as the fire seems to be gone. When I was trying to close my eyes again, a noise pitched into my ear, I heard someone.. Maybe, it is the rescue. I then lift my wounded feet, slowly crawling to the direction of the sound. "Help!! Anyone there? Please help us, my mother is in trouble!!" as I yelled aloud, .....but seems none to reply.

As the sound was closer and closer, I sense a hope and quickly increase the pace of my footstep. As I was walking and crawling towards it, a cold thought hinted on my heart. I stopped my shoes, looking at the front as someones approaching..




























AhHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled and scream so loud that all attention was on me. I truly feared and turned back and start running without second thought. But something hit on me and I fell.










Output c7JP8R.gif



It grabbed on my feet, with its cold and bloody hands, the palm was soft and gooey as its rotten flesh... I pull my strongest strength to give a kick on that thing. Fortunately I ran free and start to sprint on. At that moment, I can't feel much pain on my wounded legs but it is dragging down my balance and tripping over and over. I do not want to think much of what is happening, but I have no choice on thinking the worst. As I am running straight I do not dare to look back what is behind me. I shivered.

As in sudden thought, I recalled a secret tunnel in the mansion, which is warned by father not to go in. Momentarily, it is not the time to care on that. However, to reach the room that the tunnel was, I had to pass the herd of monsters chasing after me. I take a deep thought and looked backwards, no one was there, I felt relieved. I then start walking towards the book room.

As I was creeping with my toe tip, I passed by the place where my mother was buried. What I saw is astonishing, as she was surrounding by the monsters and blood spilled everywhere. Although I know what is actually happening there, I tried to hid my heart and feelings for it. I tried to hold, but I cant, my tears shed like the falling pearls from a necklace. I weep and cupped my mouth to keep silent and holding my voice while my tears are still ringing on blues. "I love you mom, thank you." she saved me once again and as always in my life, memories with her burst through my mind and heart. Thought it is not a good time to grieve in the memory, I took my last glance at my mother's corpse and start moving on to the book room.

Thankfully there wasn't any obstructions on my way while the monsters are gathered at the other side. I opened the door and entered the book room, then triggered the secret code to open the secret tunnel by solving 3 puzzles on the walls.

Rare book room.jpg

1st Puzzle : complete the numbers


2nd Puzzle : Go to the Exit


3rd Puzzle

Hint 1: Who is Merce?

Hint 2: Fill in the numbers

Hint 3: Which is the correct door?

Il fullxfull.233448253.jpg

After # completing the puzzle #, the shelves immediately split and slide apart, reviewing a stairway. I stood in front of the tunnel and gazed deeply into it. Feeling ambiguous and wondering what will comes next at this uncertain moment. Anyhow, I still need to proceed. I take up my bravery and walk into the secret tunnel.

...end of part 1

Chapter One: Part 2 - The Forbidden Codex

Entering the tunnel wasn't a problem, it seems that it is a huge maze beneath it. With the help of the map, the destination is reached..... However, it does not lead to the exit. Instead, there is a book she saw. Strangely, the book is placed at a high stone sculpture stand, all alone, forbidden at the middle without any other objects. The books suddenly glowing, spurted a strong and dominating aura, it strikes deep into her nerves, making her the deep desire to open the book. She tried to resist, but her hands are like got vacuum to the book and going nearer and nearer. On final approach, she reached the book. In conjunction after the contact, the books pages opens, and a strong wave blew on.

090228gif annimation eye.gif

Something isn't right, seems there is something in the book, a shadow came out of the book, revealing a demon.

" I see you are in fear, milady, seems that you need my help " said the demon.

"Yes!, I need to help my mother, please! Help me"

" Nothing is free in the world, I can help you, but in exchange, you need to give me your soul!!!!!!!" Right after it spurred the words, the demon enchanted into her body. She squalls and immediate turned rampant from the tyrannic power of the demon.










Tumblr lw40npggGj1r83o5io1 500.gif

As she had lost her conscious, her body was taken by madness. Her body moves on its own, killing every moving object that stays in her sight. Now she had become a killing machine, without any thoughts, nor any objectives.

Just like to joining the context, the rescue are here. They does not have the shiniest armor in the town, the sharpest weapon in the city, they are the not the Royal Guards of the Empire, yet they held bravery in them because they came from a good friend of Victori Family- the Vandetta Family. It is a strong mafia groups that hid behind the city, having a good relationship with Victori, they offered help. With the strong might and power, they succeed slaying monsters and zombies, but it is too late, they came in at the wrong time and the wrong place, there are barely any survivors in the mansion.

Video games touhou blue hair red eyes remilia scarlet anime girls 1500x1060 wallpaper 64.jpg

With conviction, they finally met, the rampant girl. Sir Vincent Vandetta, the leader of the rescue, also the heir of Vandetta family, recognized the girl at his first glance. When he tries to contact with her, she suddenly went on madness and strikes on him. He was lucky to dodge the hit with a scratch on his arm, but the remaining crew wasn't lucky enough to survive. Just in a blink their heads fell on the ground, their heart got ditched out, their armor got pierced and got cut in half. The blood spills everywhere, just a few moment, the entire party disbanded, leaving only the last man standing, Vincent.

Images (1).jpg

Both of them exchanged glances, then communicate with the touch of their weapons. " What is wrong with this girl?! " Vincent got in confusion. But at the occasion, he got no choice to fight her, her fury smites heavily on his sword that it even got a crack. Both of them fight was so vigorous that there is no chance to take a breath. Sparks from the weapons sparkles every time they collide, and bloods splutter when Vincent take a slight cut while dodging the attacks. He realizes that he could not defeat her that easy.

A strikes from the left, Vincent got to dodge it, but the speed fury comes continuously and smite on his back. With a swift he blocked the hit with his sword. Subsequently, he slashed his sword trying to hit her, but it only pierced through a part of her clothes. With this strike, it failed to stop her and Vincent reviewed a weak spot for his enemy to strike. Her claws jabbed on his left arm, causing severe damage, and another nimble strikes going right to his heart. Right before the claws reaches, Vincent's heart beats rises, his thought got nerves rapidly, greatly improving his mind, at this moment, everything seems to be stopped in time. Vincent saw that the hit is a definite and he got no way to avoid it. He took a deep thought, and decided to give it a shot, he dodge the hit towards his heart by replacing it with his wounded arm. Right after his arm was hit he quickly smite her with the pommel of the hilt of his sword with the other hand. The strong blow thrown her backwards but it wasn't fatal, with this one moment opportunity he get for himself by losing an arm, he released a howling roar. It's shockwave hit strong and gave her a concussion, paralyzing for a while. He took the moment to observe her carefully, seeing an unpleasant dark aura concealing her. Vincent realizes the unpleasant power that posses her, he put a bet on his holy talisman that he carried for ages, threw at her. The talisman start glowing in blue aura, the radiance shines bright enough to blind everyone. Vincent got passed out from the resplendent aura.......

...end of part 2

Chapter One: Part 3 - A New Journey


"Mister, are you alright? Mister~" said a little girl.

Vincent eyes slowly reopened, with his pain on his lost arm and wounded body parts, he grinned

"Hi,so you are fine now. I am Vincent, heir of the Vendetta. What is your name girl?"

" I am Victorique Vang, heir of the 20th Victori. I am glad to meet you. So are you here to help us? "

"Yes milady, but seems it was too late, sorry about that. But at least we got you."

" Huhhu~ (laugh) Who do you mean by we? Sir Vincent, it is just you alone that I see here." Victorique smiled and teased Vincent naively.

"Ha, sorry my bad, its just me here, well. Looking at your place here, seems like it is not suitable for any to stay. So perhaps you want to come along and join us at Vandetta family?" Vincent offered an invitation to Victorique.

" Well, if you provide me earl gray tea with strawberry cakes and cookies every afternoon, and a personal room with pink color decoration, and a unicorn as my pet, also not to forget no violins and study more than one hour a day, and too I need some beautiful dresses, and lots of lots of furry dolls. Maybe I can consider about it. Tee-hee~ " Victorique smirked while her tears are dripping.

Tumblr m2yqnzTPSb1qjlrc4o1 500.jpg

Victorique take a last glance at her raised city, which is currently destructed after the catastrophe, taking with the memory, they departed. To a new journey for Victorique, that never went out from the city before, for the first time travelling so far and yet not returning to her sweet home, which is currently lost.

Vandetta family are positioned somewhere near the Qu'tox Ocean, with the cool breeze and beautiful sea, it is the first time that Victorique saw a sea. It is fascinating and tremendous, she described. The color of the water are as clear as crystal, the deeper part are as blue as sapphire, just like the color of her eyes. There goes the place for little Victorique to start her new life.






...end of part 3

Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Part 1 - The Unfamiliar

Blue wings black dark lights text blue eyes barefoot short hair gia sitting umbrellas bandages anime 53.jpg

Its been some time since little Victorique moved to Vendetta family. However she doesn't seems cope into the place, and her heart are still left at the dark past. As Vendetta doesn't have any kid here, although they have maids and some ladies at the place, it is still a problem for them to take care of a child. Vincent, have given the duty to take good care of her from the Father of the family. Vincent struggles to do so as he does not have any experience on it. He asked lady Larotta for her opinion.

She replied:"Well, girls loves sweet things, those desserts really makes us happy~ and also, loneliness will kill a rabbit, shes the only child here, she needs someone to play with."

Vincent takes the advice. He then speaks to little Victorique.

"Hey Victorique, hows your doing? well, I am thinking of lets go out somewhere together this weekend. How do you say about it?"

"Finally, I thought I am going to stuck here forever. So where are we going? I wanna look at the sea, its so beautiful!" Victorique replied.

"Alright then, we shall go to the beach, then we visit the town." said Vincent.

Time passed fast and its weekend already Alright! to the beach!!

Beach vv.jpg

"So this is the sea, its smells...... salty. Why is the sea is blue? Why is the sea is salty? Why is the sea has so many water? Why there are waves from the sea? Why..why..why?? Vincent?" Victorique asked with full curiosity.

"Most of the time the ocean appears to be blue because this is the color our eyes see. But the ocean can be many other colors depending upon particles in the water, the depth of the water, and the amount of skylight. And why is the sea salty? Erm....erm..... maybe I should get you an encyclopedia. You sure loves knowledge.." Vincent smiled. "Victorique, lets go to town and have some ice-cream? Or you would like some crepe? or chocolate?"

"Ice-cream!! Oh and strawberry crepe, Muffins! Donuts! and Chocolate!! Owh owh..... Its so hard to decide....uuuuu......"

Wakabachan spin spin.gif

"Hahaha, its alright~ You can have all of them"

"really? RealLY? Yay uh and can I have some cupcakes too? Pleaseeee`~~???"

Victorique pleaded in such a adoring look. Vincent cannot say no to that~

...end of part 1

Chapter Two: Part 2 - Cogwheel of Fate

Its a starry night with a beautiful crescent, with the noises at the mansion, joy of entertainment and wonderful dinner party. Vendetta family is having a welcoming party for little Victorique at their place and invited lots of other families included royals and earls and patrician. They tends to find some friends for Victorique through the party, but It doesn't seems  to work so well.

"Why should I play with those naive arrogant selfish kids that doesn’t even know about the world outside. Such idiocy,   do I need to become like them? Running around crazily? " Victorique has a sigh.
Ika run.gif

"Indeed, this party is boring. All they have here is some stupid richman boasting on their wealth and status. Saying 'Oh you should marry my daughter~ bla bla bla' Such pathetic, sigh." A red haired girl came and agreed with Victorique statement. She has a beautiful long red hair that is shining like the glimpse of ruby, dressed with the velvet silk of laces.  

Women touhou red food kids pink hair red eyes strawberries okazaki yumemi 1575x1181 wallpaper 24.jpg

"Well seems our opinions come along, I am Velvet Rose • Valentine • Rosie Garden , ninth chair of Rosie Garden heir.  how do you call yourself? "

"Greetings Ms Velvet Rose, I am Victorique • Vang • Victori, heir of the 20th Victori. Do you come here all alone?"

"Non, I came with my parents, and they are literally finding attentions around the party. And where do you come from? Ms.Victorique"

"Well I was from Victoria Memorica, but currently living with the Vendetta Family here for quite some time."

"So you are the child from the host. What actually happened? Why are you here?"

"I..... do not know about it. No one tells me anything of it. All I know is there were some monsters attacked the place and everyone died...." little Victorique start feeling miserable and start sobbing.

"Bonsoir mademoiselle Velvet et Victorique~ Its good to see you both here. Its been a while since we last met." Another girl with silver blonde hair came to them.


"Alice!!" Both Velvet and Victorique got surprised.

"Alice! I can't believe I will meet you here. I am so happy. How are you doing recently?" said Victorique.

"I am wellbeing now, nothing much to worry with. I heard war is raging now, and these people are still have their interest on their own. And I am sorry to hear that your place got involved into the calamity. Good thing that you still alive, I thought I would never see you again" after Alice said the words, ahe hugged Victorique with her warm love. They both shed some tears.

"Victorique~ Sorry to bother you, but its your time now. Ah I see you made some friends. I was worried that you got isolated from the party." Vincent came in and interrupted.

"I got to go now, enjoy the party ladies" Victorique bowled and left.

Victorique walk through the crowds, then stepped up to the stage. "Greetings ladies and gentlemen, lady Victorique Vang Victori will present a requiem, to rest the souls of the people who had past, and encourage the hearts of the present, and nurture the path for the future. Lets the orchestra begins" Vincent gave a good start speech, Victorique proceed with her violin.


(Heres my favourite artist and movie, you might like it too)

🎹🎻🎼🎵♩ 🎶♪ ♫ 🎵♬ 🎶♭🎵~👼

...end of part 2

Chapter Two: Part 3 - Calamity trigger

"The music is nice, but what is it worth for? Nothing! You are just another naive fragile kid that raised under the utter care of others, never ever lived on your own strength."

a voice of a girl came from the the crowd. Everyone was shocked, they stood apart and review a path, a girl with long silky hair stands right there.


"Thank you for your complement, and who are you calling fragile over here? Besides, you are too naive little kid that I see from here. The one who is not taking concern on the convenience of the public."

The party went into an awkward situation, everyone kept silence and all attention are towards both of them.

"My name is Luana Demise dé Calvez. Taking concern of these stupids you mean? Why should I care of some cowards and selfish morons that is not concerning the people who lives below them. Wars is coming and they are still boasting with their wealth in such luxury while others are living in poverty that can't even buy a bread. There are people died in hunger and yet there are no any signs of help and support from these pathetic idiots."

"Greetings Ms.Luana, I cannot deny that there is rich and poor, they exist in a balance of the economy for the country, where there is rich, there will be poor. While the poor are certainly need to work harder."

"I see, so you are just another corrupted child from the rotten society. In a world without love and care, there will never be peace because of all of these Monsters that disguise in human skin, rusting with their dirty lust and glutton. Have you ever wonder what is the world outside? All you have here is just some wicked eyes and fake smiles, deep under their face there is such evil that is so hideous. You are just too little for them. Victorique Vang Victori."

"Well said young lady'"A man in a mask gave an applause and laughed wickedly"Yes indeed you are right. I have been wondering, how many monsters are there tonight? It was more than I thought."

Loud shatters of breaking glasses terrorized the place. The shadows breaks through the glass, ten men covered in black intrudes the party. The party guest screamed in panic and running around the place. Until the first blood is spilled on the carpet and splatted on the faces of some gentlemen.

The masked man shouted:"Silence! You pathetic monsters. Or else you all would be like this dead body." "My name is Dèstíçé, Pirates of the Oblivion! Hero for the poor and Nightmare for the rich! Your treasury shall be mine or I will drown your soul in your own blood!" Dèstíçé the self called hero is putting a terrorism at the party and robbing their money, jewels and pride.

While the belongings of the richman was getting rob by the men of Dèstíçé, their eyes pierce in blood and anger, they bite bloods out of the own lips, their facial expression go wild in extreme rage, looking exactly like a monster. "You will never get away from this you filthy thieft!!!"

"You thought you are good? Are you wondering where is your beloved guards? You thinking that I would be so stupid revealing myself without any preparation? Your guards, they are now relaxing, with the earthworm!!!!"

Suddenly, the lights turned black, the place gone into total darkness. Before any adaptation towards the dark, there are sounds of people yelping. Dèstíçé sense a 杀氣(refers to Killing Intent that one release of high combat, pronounce as sakki japanese or sha chi chinese) and immediately pulled out his sword and block a few stabs from the side and returned a strong blow. He then quickly rushed towards the front.


Just a few moment, the lights are all back. The shadows are killed, seemly its the work of Vincent and his knights. "Surrender yourself Dèstíçé, all your men is down!" Vincent warned.

Dèstíçé grinned violently, "Such silly, I have more men than you thought! IMPETUM!!!( attack!! in latin)"

The doors broke in, more and more Dèstíçé's assassins came in, but there's something strange on them, they are not moving. Suddenly, all of them falls to the ground, it seems they are only corpses. Guards of Vendetta is way more stronger than Dèstíçé had thought.

"What are you saying now huh?" Vincent teased and replied with a despising smile.

"Tsk. Don't be so happy yet! Don't you care about your little girl!?" Dèstíçé imperils with putting a blade on the neck of Victorique neck! Dèstíçé grabbed on Victorique in the darkness just now where he rushed to the front, he was prepared for the worst circumstances for himself.

"Darn you Dirty Coward! Such Despicable!!Let her go!!!" Vincent grinds his teeth with anger.

"Farewell,and Good Luck"(in deep low accent) Dèstíçé takes along Victorique and rush out from the mansion.

Will Victorique be safe and return to her new home? Or will she suffers again the lost of family? to be continued..........


...end of part 3

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