Chipped golden brick

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Always found discarded near a Temple.

Type: Artifact

As we all know by now, our Hero can only build a Temple with the most perfect Golden Bricks. Perfect or nothing. Hence the building site around our Hero's Temple is strewn with discarded Chipped Gold Bricks.

Those ugly, warty, miscast bricks are thrown to one side for recycling or for some other meager use.

Bricks like this fellow here are sometimes even used for paving the streets. Chipped gold brick .jpg

It has often been said that the streets of Godville are paved with gold, and it is quite true.

Chipped gold brick 3.jpg

  • As seen in the Godville Times #886

Day 1612 g.e. Found chipped golden brick? Go to Godville, ask for the “Bricks and Mortar” shop. Dadamighty will buy it like a hot cake. Found today: 112 pcs.