Chicken in a Guy Suit

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A powerful and intellegent monster who's arch nemesis is the Guy in a chicken suit. It is said that the chicken was crossing the street one day when he spotted a gigantic chicken outside of a fast food tavern. Mistaking the big chicken for his long lost mother, the chicken joyously approached the massive chicken, only to come to the crushing realization that it wasn't in fact a chicken at all. Rather it was an imposter campaigning to sell more cheap, greasy, artery clogging food and beer. The chicken vowed that it too would find a costume and do to the man what the man had done to chicken.

The chicken in a guy suit searched far and wide until one day at Crazy Carl's Curious Costume Collection the chicken hapened upon the discise of the human male. Crazy Carl was once among traders but flunked out of that profession to open up his famous costume shop. Although the suit was baggy and smelled worse than Crazy Carl himself, the chicken was willing to overlook that. Mostly because the feathered fiend couldn't smell. The chicken bought the costume and assumed his new identity as the Chicken in a Guy Suit.

Chicken in a Guy suit was expecting to feel triumph when he put on his suit, but instead he felt a sense of defeat, realizing that he had come all that way in vain, for he was never going to find that Guy in a Chicken Suit again. He handed Crazy Carl the coin and trudged out the door, regretting his poor planning.

While sitting on the curb outside of Crazy Carl's Curious Costume Collection, the Chicken in a Guy Suit crossed paths with a hero. This particular hero was in quite a rush to get back to Godville since he had just completed a quest. The bristling Chicken in a Guy Suit did not mix well with the impatient hero. It was a case of wrong place, wrong time that changed two lives for the worst. The resulting exchange was horrid. words were squacked, a golden brick was waved, and weapons were drawn. What happened next had such a large impact that it left the Chicken in a Guy Suit bitter enough to forever resent heros and heroines alike. The hero would also never eat another bite of chicken as long as he lived. More importantly, though, the Chicken in a Guy Suit had officially become a monster. Fueled by vengful disdain for any and all heros, the Chicken in a Guy Suit set out to battle every hero that he laid eyes on.


  • vengful
  • intellegent
  • pungent, distracting odor


  • flightless
  • known as a coward
!Hero's Diary
03:05: Just before the Chicken in a Guy Suit could deal the fatal blow, I made a tactical advance... towards the hill way over there.