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  | image = Chesthugger.jpg
  | image = Chesthugger.jpg
| latin = Armanium amplectaris amici in perpetuum
  | class = Extraterrestrial
  | class = Extraterrestrial
  | habitat = Chests of any kind
  | habitat = Chests of any kind
  | description = An affectionate alien
  | description = An affectionate alien
| totem = Hug Central
  | pet-level-from = 30
  | pet-level-from = 30
  | pet-feature = Looting
  | pet-feature = Looting

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Pets of Godville
Armanium amplectaris amici in perpetuum
Class Extraterrestrial
Habitat Chests of any kind
Description An affectionate alien
Tame at levels 30–44 (59 with ark)
Features Looting

The Chesthugger (Armanium amplectaris amici in perpetuum "best friends forever - chest hugs!") is a monster in Godville.


The Chesthugger is a strange alien creature of unknown origin. It has an attack which entails it attaching itself to the chest of the hero feeling the loneliest in order to give him or her a hug and never letting go. Most heroes die from the mere act of kindness being forced upon them by a monster - even the most evil heroes die of annoyance by the fact they cannot - as some heroes who might recommend (due to a sheer lack of experience) - actually "shake it off, shake it off".

The Chesthugger was designed by an unknown hero who felt the game needed more hugs. You see, pain and suffering is a fact of life for heroes, and there's no mystery about what causes it - fights! When the arms of the Chesthugger are squeezed together, it applies uniform pressure hugs and is unable to be detangled. It has full-time control over the pain that goes along with every arena loss, broken bone, severed limb, or even inevitable death. It gives hugs to heroes, which has been proven to restore the confidence and independence necessary for a faster recovery to get back out on the ascii trail and fight more monsters. However, most heroes forget it's there and will attempt to continue on fighting as if it is not there. Other monsters lose any respect they had for the hero when they see the Chesthugger undefeated, but this monster's dying thoughts are always "hugs!".

If a hero tries to attack the Chesthugger, (as they often foolishly do, since heroes know little more than "drink, kill, quest") it can prove exceedingly dangerous. Its blood is acidic and it's legs and tail are very strong, making removing it likely to cause damage to the hero. Many have speculated that if the hero simply hugged the Chesthugger back it would do them no harm, but no reports are available to prove this.

Actual Testimonials:

“I’ve instructed to hug and have hugged at times! In my opinion, none of these procedures can compete with the Chesthugger..."



  • Hugs the chest and doesn't let go
  • Specifically designed for hugging
  • Is unable to be removed once in full hug mode
  • Great speed and agility
  • Strong tail and "fingers"


  • Splints wounds in one plane only
  • Only has one attack which doesn't actually harm heroes
  • Can be removed if the heroes are quick to pull it off before it has fully latched on
  • Small size
  • Does not discriminate between types of chest- it can be distracted with a treasure chest, allowing a clean getaway
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