Cheshire Rat

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Monsters of Godville
Cheshire Rat
Class Mammal
Habitat Magical fields
Artifact Brutal smile
Description small albino rodents

Cheshire rats are said to be from the mythical land of Cheshire. They were created by a party of rat mages to help fight the deadly Cheshire cat, menace of the rodent world. The cheshire rats ambushed the Cheshire cat and chased him away. Unfortunately this was not enough for the cheshire rats. They wanted more power. They killed their creators and took over Cheshire, transforming it into a land of terror and slavery. The cheshire rats made everyone in cheshire mine for cheese in the Cheddar Mine. It was dangerous work and occasionly a worker would die in a cave-in. The Cheshire rats eventually ran out of cheese and came to Godville in the hope of taking it over. Unfortunately for them their magical powers were weakened and they are trapped in Godville trying to force heroes to fetch cheese for them.

  • Will fight when cornered
  • Good survivalists
  • Deadly brutal smile
  • Squeak when scared
  • Will run if they can
  • Small size