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Please do not directly edit this page. If you do it will result in INSTANT DEATH! . So yeah... If you do wish to see anything edited, please contact the Guild Council or one of the Pet Cemetery members.

Chaos Legion
Motto: Chaos is just chaos
Alignment: chaotic
Totem Monster: Schrödinger's Cat
Leader: GodRaiden X 
Date Founded: Somewhere during the fall of the DaDa Empire
Membership Count: 50~
Forum Headquarters: Chaos Legion
Guild Page: Chaos Legion 
Data current as of Februari 16th 2017

The Chaos Legion

Just as some people give honor and respect to castles made of sand, we of Chaos Legion give our honor and respect to the ocean waves that wash away all sand castles.

Quote1.pngOne must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.Quote2.png

~Friedrich Nietzsche (Former member of the Chaos Legion)


Joining The Guild

If your heart is on fire! If you don't think with the head, but with the peni... euh heart! Then you might just want to join our awesome guild! "How do I join" you might ask? Well its not that hard. When your hero is just strolling around, tell him the following voice command:

Join "Chaos Legion" guild

It may take several tries, but if all goes well we would like to welcome you to Chaos Legion. We're glad you have joined us. Chaos Legion is a guild that is open to any alignment, any skill level, and any commment level- we welcome all who are looking for an active and dynamic guild.

If you ever decide to leave the guild; DON'T! Oh dear god please don't! We need you man! And if your hero ever decides to leave; stop him! Tell your hero the following voice command:

Cancel quest

Keep doing this until your hero changes his stubborn mind.

With a Little Help from My Friends

We recommend you pay attention to the guild council chat- that's the place where you can ask questions, make comments and discuss any issues or thoughts. We are also in the process of setting up a list of fellow chaos legion guild members ("the pet cemetary") that are willing to help all guild members to the best of their ability, always with an eye towards growing in strength and influence both as gods and as a guild.

The Pet Cemetary

GodCapn Special: Only guildmember that actually knows how to take propper care of his pets. Knows stuff about the Ark

GodLadyGaia  Special: Knows how to perfect your pokerface.

GodOnArcade  Spacial: Dyslaxia!

GodRazagan  Special: Has a badass Godname! Sounds medieval... awesome!

GodRaiden X  Special: HADOUKEN!!! Wait! What?! Wrong game character?

GodThe Great Kabuki  Special: Know how to dominate in the Arena

Feel free to add one or all as a friend today!


Quote1.pngChaos Legion? Hmmmmm, Nope! Never heard of 'em. Quote2.png

~ Some Godville commoner.

Quote1.pngI got late like a tons times while I was a member!Quote2.png

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Beloved and Respected Leader

Current Leader


Ever-Victorious, Iron-Willed, Descended From Heaven.

A perfect incarnation of the appearance that a leader should have.

Wearer of the shiny crown jewels.

Fate of the Nation.

Bringer of the shitty mondays.

GodRaiden X 

May he reign for three months!

Former Leaders

Raiden X

★ ★

The Great Kabuki


★ ★

I Firefly I

★ ♰

The Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels2.png


Ark Builders

Ark Owner Ark Completion Date
GodCapn  08/23/2015
GodRaiden X   11/23/2015

Temple Builders

Temple Owner Temple Completion Date
GodCapn  04/12/2013
GodRaiden X   06/07/2013
GodThe Great Kabuki  11/10/2015
GodOnArcade  11/14/2015
GodRazagan  11/10/2015
GodGrifft  01/08/2016
GodNut HOJ  02/10/2016
GodAndrup  02/26/2016
GodLadyGaia  04/14/2016
GodVilker  06/26/2016
GodLord Chaos I  07/08/2016
GodZirconiana  05/22/2016
GodPiles-  07/26/2016
GodLord Of Cats  09/01/2016
GodElc  05/15/2016
GodGuiltyPleasures  11/01/2016
GodMaster of Blases  10/22/2016
GodLovkina  07/26/2016
GodZacarooni  09/02/2017

Secretum Interius Flectendum

Membra Quoniam Membrum
non visibilia pro extrariis
qui sumus

The Happy Birthday Corner

As far as we know it's none of the guild members birthdays...

Guildhall live feed


If you would like to rent the guildhall for your hero's bday party or whatever we would like to remind you that you'll have to pay upfront. Preferably cold hard cash.