Chaos Forger

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Monsters of Godville
Chaos Forger
Chaos malleator
chaos forger.png
Class Infernal
Habitat Around San Satanos
Totem for Idle Omens ⚜️ 
Description The abyssal forge

The Chaos Forger (Chaos malleator) is a monster that was created due to the lack of trust-worthy smiths for the ill-repute and dark hero(ine)s of Godville. It seeks to forge only the most powerful weapons, though sometimes - by flaw or fate - its creations run amok as critters of all shapes and sizes.

There is a legend about this creature, how it is not the only of its kind. Well, to be truthful, the other Chaos Forger is a deviant blacksmith that spawns all sorts of miscreants, solely to cause havoc for the hero(ine)s along their journey. This blacksmith may or may not be one of the Demon's own creations.

Strengths: Demon

  • Immortal
  • Regenerates
  • Crafts various constructs to distract and otherwise harm opponents.
  • Chaos (D'uh)

Strengths: Smith

  • Appears Innocent
  • Too cute to fight
  • Wields a very heavy hammer.

Weaknesses: Demon

  • Heroes with incredible luck
  • Order (leads to stagnation)
  • Competence

Weaknesses: Smith

  • Insecure about appearance
  • Clichéd love stories or those of heroism
  • Being Alone