Chaos Butterfly

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Monsters of Godville
Chaos Butterfly
papilio chao
Class Insect
Habitat Anything that has potential for chaos
Totem for Chaos Legion ⚜️ 
Description a ball of manic rage that just wants to see the world burn

Chaos Butterfly

No one knows where the Chaos Butterfly came from. All we know is that it wants to see the fall of humanity. Heroes are advised to avoid playing games with it - as it always cheats - *unless* that game is Truth or Dare in which case the Chaos Butterfly is legally unable to turn down a dare and will do anything you tell it. It often hides under people's hats and tells them what chaotic acts to commit (example. Ratatouille).



  • Stealthy
  • Too small and fast to hit
  • Always wins at Hide and Seek
  • Great at convincing people to do bad things
  • Good at destroying friendships
  • Skilled arsonist that has destoryed cities (its a pyromaniac)
  • No moral conscience


  • Terrible cook
  • Addicted to cocaine
  • Terrible at arm wrestling
  • Gets stepped on sometimes