Centaur of Gravity

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Monsters of Godville
Centaur of Gravity
Centaur of Gravity.jpg
Class Man-Horse
Habitat Extra-terrestrial centaur with an attitude.
Description Unknown

Biography from miscellanea of vogon’s poetry.

Centaur’s parents was from Monsterdam, city of One Gouge. Young monster often was on the river ArmSteal. He wanted to be best of jostler (monsters are thieves in mostly). He get first cent, then second cent and making from it percent. The wealth is grew, was lucky time, and target next was learning lie. And after that attracting gold. Became our monster strong and bold.

Thro money’s gravitation aura this monster was named Centaur. When draw coins, he is mock – in selfish aura it lock.

It was so many years ago. The significance is changed. Who knows? Be careful hero on your road, if you encounter this beast.


The Centaur of Gravity is a very wobbly monster with an inner ear imbalance. Of course, this makes him quite grumpy and he needs almost no encouragement to feast upon the blood and organs of an unsuspecting hero.


  • Throws coins at the hero. This does not work when cash is zero[1].
  • Domineer at gravity, very strong in habitat.


  • When it sees money – loses focus. Be funny – drop some coins for hocus[2].
  • Like ale and music to confusion.

  1. Attention! The speed and number of coins are very high.
  2. You can play in the coins as in the snow or toss a coin.