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So, how did you come across my wiki page?


Why did I make a page for myself on the wiki?

Why did you make a page for yourself on the wiki?


Do you truly, seriously care about what my arena score is? Really?

If you don't, you're not alone.

Even I don't care.

Harvest Moon

I joined Harvest Moon because it had a nice wiki page.

I mean nice in the evilest possible way.

Seriously, HM is nice. If you need a guild, join us.

Unless you're good-aligned.

Daily Time

I spend a lot of time on GV. A lot.

Two hours of my time is wasted every day on Godville.

That's 1/12 of my day.

No, I'm not addicted.


Do I pay for charges?

As much as I might like to, I've never paid a cent.

Sorry, devs.

Alainia, the obsession of Heraclea

If you came here from my chronicles to see exactly how many times Alainia has written about meetings with Heraclea in her diary, you'll be sadly disappointed. She has never written anything about Heraclea. (We presume she's trying to keep a secret from us.) If you want to see how many times Syprox's heroine, Heraclea, has met Alainia, that I can do.

00:39: Saw Alainia lying in the field, quivering, shaking and looking close to death. I knew exactly what to do! One beer later, and my friend was up and good to go.

02:45: Met Alainia on the roadside. She has such great equipment, and I have just this crappy outfit. Bad luck?

...I know, I know, it'd not a lot of entries yet. I get these over time, usually 1-2 a day. :)


If you actually enjoyed reading this, thanks. Let me know. Maybe I'll add more.

If your hero died while you were reading this, it's not my fault.

Really, it's not.


This is pretty much just a lot of words that serve no purpose.