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Sorry, devs.
Sorry, devs.
These chronicles are interesting and deserve to be on the Storytelling pantheon.

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Why did I make a page for myself on the wiki?

Why did you make a page for yourself on the wiki?


Do you truly, seriously care about what my arena score is? Really?

If you don't, you're not alone.

Even I don't care.

Harvest Moon

I joined Harvest Moon because it had a nice wiki page.

I mean nice in the evilest possible way.

Seriously, HM is nice. If you need a guild, join us.

Unless you're good-aligned.

Daily Time

I spend a lot of time on GV. A lot.

Two hours of my time is wasted every day on Godville.

That's 1/12 of my day.

No, I'm not addicted.


Do I pay for charges?

As much as I might like to, I've never paid a cent.

Sorry, devs.


If you actually enjoyed reading this, thanks. Let me know. Maybe I'll add more.

If your hero died while you were reading this, it's not my fault.

Really, it's not.