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Thousands of metres above the Limestone Labyrinth, in the middle of the largest desert in all the realms, lies a dark cave hidden among the sands. Though technically part of the limestone labyrinth, it is only accessible by this small cave opening in an unspecified location. Heroes occasionally stumble upon it and few live to tell the tale as the sides of the area around the cave are extremely slippery and many a hero have fallen in and not been able to climb out. Should one enter the cave, they would find a huge cavern after navigating a small array of tunnels. In this cavern rests the ruins of an altar from times of old which still pipes out volcanic smoke. The cavern is never filled with this smoke and nobody knows where it escapes as this place is indeed hard to reach. The cavern floor is covered with the remains of heroes who died of starvation and of those who inhaled too much of the sulphurous haze. A legend has been connected with this place which speaks of an omniscient oracle who could foretell the future by inhaling noxious fumes and by some method, therefore be possessed by a god who would thus speak through the oracle. This link has earned the cave its name though it was previously designated 'A26 by the Godville Geographical Society.