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Towns are bustling bastions of civilization that provides the weary hero with much-needed respite from the difficult life of adventuring. These outposts allow the hero to rest up and heal, sell their loot, train skills and even purchase new equipment. There are hazards to town life, however, as your hero might end up squandering his wealth on concerts, copious amounts of alcohol or even steep hospital bills. In addition, he or she may opt to attempt to find a date only to be painfully rejected.

Guilds often have an influence in towns, allowing the hero to receive healing or even collect a fee depending on their standing in the guild and the level of influence that the guild has in that particular town. Temples are also available in towns, allowing heroes to pray and even sacrifice gold to curry the favor of their god.

To date, the following towns have been discovered:


The capital and largest citadel of the known realms, Godville is often the starting point of a hero's illustrious or infamous career. Nestled in the bosom of the civilized society, monsters in its outskirts are often tame and meek although not altogether harmless. Crafty merchants often populate the streets, enticing adventurers to unburden themselves with their hard-earned loot.


A frontier town surrounded by very tall foliage, Godvillewood is a popular scenic outpost often visited by tourists and honeymooners. The natural beauty of this village is a tourist trap, however, as the merchants that populate this town are legendary in their ability to swindle newcomers with their fake merchandise. They are also well-known for being able to relieve the naive adventurer of their wares without so much as paying a cent.


The bustling port city of Tradesburg is located in the center of several trade routes, making it an ideal smelting pot of various cultures from different lands. Merchants in this town often travel from distant lands and often seek exotic items to sell to their distant clientèle. As such, it is said that this is the ideal place for heroes to lighten their load of loot while maximizing their profits.

Los Demonos

Known as the Underworld City, it is said that Los Demonos is haunted by the ghosts of its terrible past. Most adventurers who enter this citadel do so with dread as the superstitious often call this city cursed. With the adventuring life the way it is, however, heroes are often forced to stop by this town to unload their burdens often to the glee of passing merchants.


Beerburg is a famed brewery town where all the best forms of lager can be found. It is said that even the women in town can out-drink the stoutest warrior. Heroes who visit this town, however, are more prone to wasting their hard-earned coin on excessive drinking.


Known for its stunning bureaucracy and endless red tape, Trollbridge is a town that's legendary for taxing its residents with outrageous tolls and superfluous charges. This often includes a surcharge for bringing in loot considered to be valuable. Despite these charges, heroes are often forced to recuperate behind its walls as the alternative is even more daunting.

San Satanos

Deep in uncharted territory, Los Satanos is a frontier town nestled in very dangerous terrain. Only the most experienced adventurers wander into this outpost and often it is merely to gain respite from their long journey. As such, the facilities are often quite basic and the roads treacherous. Merchants often take advantage of this situation to prey on unsuspecting adventurers who desperately need to lighten their load.

Los Adminos

Controlled by a shadowy organization know only as "The Admin", Los Adminos has its own unique religion where they worship an entity know as the "Server". It is said to give life to everything in the realms and as such the Admin protect it with zeal. It is prophesied that the end of the world will come when the Server crashes and that it will return again into existence once an event occurs that many call "The Reboot".

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