Cash Cow

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Monsters of Godville
Cash Cow
Class Mammal
Habitat Banks, Gold Caves
Description Dollar-shaped eyes


The Cash Cow is a monster with the innate ability to smell gold, artifacts, and money, even from a far distance.

As it wants money, it is greatly misunderstood. It will charge toward a hero, but not to attack him, but instead to try and talk the hero into giving its money to the Cash Cow in exchange for the artifact he is carrying. But heroes are too stupid to realize that, so they attack the cow, who is forced to defend himself.

Instead of producing milk, it produces coins.

Heroes are known to kill this cow when they're hungry, failing to utilize its power to produce coins for them.


The Cash Cow came into being when greedy corporate people paid a scientific firm to genetically modify a cow to produce money instead of milk. Somehow, the scientists tasked to the job succeeded in doing the job, producing a normal-looking cow, which when milked, produces gold. The only difference to a normal cow is that its eyes are dollar-shaped ($).

Being the greedy corporate people they are, they tried to over-milk the cow, mistreating it in the process. One day, the Cash Cow had enough, and so he ran away from the corporation he worked at, and trodded along in lonely barns and grasslands outside the city. It was then that the cow stumbled upon a Ticket to Godville, and now he's in Godville, wreaking havoc on heroes and traders alike.


  • Can disguise as a regular cow
  • Has a very powerful kick
  • Knows where the money is
  • Produces coins


  • Can be distracted by throwing a gold coin for it to fetch
  • As it's a cow, it's slow
  • Asking it for milk will make it embarrassed, and leave you alone