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Monsters of Godville
Class Imaginary Dungeon Boss monster (type B)
Habitat Behind you
Description A mashed up green lump, with too many eyes and stumpy legs

The Buzzkiller is a monster.


A Place

"Mom, something smells terrible behind the fridge" says a youthful red headed girl, walking into her moderately sized kitchen.

"Has Bobo (a dog) hidden something there again?" Responds an older women's voice as she walsj down the nearby stairwell. Although older the resemblance between the two denotes that they must be related.

"Let's move it and check" says the girl.

Thy moved it, and saw a moldy green lump of mashed potatoes with a piece of lettuce on the top. The girl plugs her noes and bends down to retch.

"My that is disgusting isn't it" says the older women, looking at her daughter in concern while looking nauseous herself. She quickly moved to get a dust pan and was about to scoop it up when its eyes opened, she screamed horrendously and was later found at a asylum for the mentally insecure. The daughter was found right where she had been before eating cereal for breakfast.

Escape Into Godville

The mutant creature knew it would be captured if it remained there for long, it also didn't like to be called a mutant creature so it named itself Buzzkiller for no apparent reason. After searching for a way out of the house for some hours, he foydn an abandoned phone with the Godville app running, he quickly stomped on it, making sure no one could take pictures of him, strangely the screen took on liquid properties and he was sucked in.

Reign of terror

He found himself in a strange text base world, with a lit of strange code floating around, spelling out "hero" or "heroine", he tried to strike up a conversation but they kepy hitting him with everything they could get they hands on, eventually he got mad at them and hit one with the word "stick", the one he hit then laid down mooaning about how he'd been killed, and asking a mysterious %rg% to revive them.

To the dungeons!

Buzzkiller quickly tired of these dumb heroes, and tried to run away from the drunken hordes, he eventually came upon s nice little undergroud place, which he knew as a dungeon from the meaningless blaber of the heroes. He quickly settled in among the pleasent silence and set too making himself at home in his one little room.

Happy Ending

Now he was quite happy, every little while a group of heroes might come looking fe these cheap plastic coins that were everywhere, and to dumpster dive, but he could just hit them with sticks or let the hit him with a stick and they would go away forna long time.



  • Is a mutant, therefore must have super powers
  • Has a stick
  • Has a pleasent retreat in his Dungeon


  • Doesn't care whether he wins or loses
  • Is a he (GIRL POWER!! ٩(●̮̃•)۶)
  • Has a weird emoticon (٩(●̮̃•)۶)
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