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Monsters of Godville
Butter Troll
troglodytam butyrum
Class Troll
Habitat pockets
Description Melty

The Butter Troll is actually a toddler-sized troll. It tends to hide in small pockets or prefers to perch on the shoulder of the hero. Its name originates from its yellow, “buttery” color. No hero has been both brave enough to lick it as well as brave enough to admit having done so. Please note that licking a butter troll is not recommended, despite its buttery color since it is in fact a troll.


Butter trolls are actually born very small, about the size of a “pat” of butter. These trolls will grow to the size of a very small toddler, but only after metamorphosing for an undetermined length of time. They remain toddler-sized for the rest of their life.

Butter trolls will only bathe in the mornings, in cool yet murky swamp water. They are solitary creatures and prefer to be left alone. Similar to the “grounded hog” pet, catching one is so difficult that no hero has determined exactly how to do so. However, heroes report they tend to find them in pockets after dungeon runs or upon waking up in the morning after a long night of drinking.

More details to come as field notes are reviewed.



  • Can hide in small spaces such as pockets to hide in from stronger monsters
  • Can attach itself to smaller monsters without getting detected
  • Quiet whenever it is sleeping, which is most of the time
  • weird, but not dangerous to the hero


  • Tends to avoid sunlight and beaches, may melt
  • May intentionally try to upset other monsters and lower-level heroes
  • prefers to remain anonymous & can sometimes be hilariously uninformed
  • Likes to eat and sleep as much as your hero

Field Notes