Busted Ghost

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Monsters of Godville
Busted Ghost
Spiritus Criminalis
Class Undead, Outlaw
Habitat Jails, Haunted Houses, Abandoned Buildings
Description Ghost with a Criminal Record

The Busted Ghost(Spiritus Criminalis) is a notorious criminal who just so happens to be a ghost. It is responsible for countless robberies, burglaries, and muggings. Occasionally, it commits grand theft. Despite its name, it has never been attacked with any ghost-neutralizing or capturing weapon.

The Busted Ghost gained its title for two reasons:

  • It has been caught/arrested or "busted" countless times
  • It has busted out of jail countless times

General Information

The Busted Ghost only comes out at night, since it is undead and cannot be in sunlight. If a person feels a chill down their spine, then they lose their wallet or another kind of personal belonging, it was the work of this kleptomaniac spirit. Sometimes, the victims will report being beaten up by some invisible force, before a belonging suddenly disappears. Either way, the ghost still accomplishes its goal. However, the undead criminal can easily be stopped if someone manages to hit the ghost with physical attacks or any kind of weapon. This also makes the ghost lose its invisibility and, therefore, easy to defeat.

Heroes who defeat the Busted Ghost are required to bring the temporarily "dead" ghost to the nearest prison, where it can pay for its crimes. However, after the ghost recovers from defeat, it will inevitably break out of jail and rob a bank or two.



  • Undead, therefore cannot die
  • Master escape artist
  • Skilled thief
  • Mastered the element of surprise
  • Spooky


  • Getting hit by any kind of weapon or attack
  • Sunlight
  • Going to jail
  • Wanted in many cities
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