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Monsters of Godville
Class Animal
Habitat Fields and office buildings
Description Highly organized feline

The Bureau-cat (Felis Bureau-catus) is a monster that is obsessed with order and paperwork. During combat, a Bureau-cat will often pause to catalog (a common joke used by the Felis Bureau-catus) the fight and their opponent. This makes escape and attacks simple if timed correctly.



  Highly organized- will remember and take notes on an opponent's attack style and reasonable counter-attacks
  Cute and fluffy- the Felis Bureau-catus' physical appearance may inhibit combat in more emotional foes


  Weighed by paperwork- the Bureau-cat will often stop combat to organize
  Subject to review- all Bureau-cats must be double checked by their peers, often making any action incredibly slow to be authorized
  Distraction- any string, yarn, catnip, etc. will serve well to distract the Felis Bureau-catus