Brokeback Knoll

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Geography of Godville
Brokeback Knoll
It looks like a typical hill
Description A hill where many backs were broken

Brokeback Knoll is a hill with a strange curse where the anyone who travels over it will suddenly break their back. The hill is typically avoided because of this factor and the most recent victims are usually heroes and monsters running from the other. Be it a monster running from a hero or a hero running from a monster, they will break their back. Ignorant travelers can also end up breaking their backs on Brokeback Knoll as well.

However, an interesting fact about the hill is that only one person can be on the hill with a broken back at a time. That means, if someone is on top of the hill with a broken back, it is safe to climb to the top and rescue the injured person at the top. Sometimes, someone who already has a broken back will accompany people who have no choice but to climb the hill for whatever reason so that nobody gets hurt.