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Type: Combat skill

A brainstorm, or more properly Brainstormiticus Thoughticus, is a small tornado-like appearance that resides in a small blue jar. When anyone opens the jar, the brainstorm will fly into the mind of the nearest human, most likely the one who opened the jar. It whirls around the brain as if spring-cleaning. One person who experienced it said, "I've seen many an artifact these days, especially since I became a hero. That was a long time ago. Hey, do you want to see a picture of my grandson? Oh! The brainstorm! Well, it felt like there were a hundred fluffy bunnies running around in my head. The next thing I knew, I had the great idea, I can't remember. It had something to do with beer." Another hero says it feels like a fairy, a small pincushion, and a mop all at once. All heroes have reported being enlightened by the experience.

Although there used to be hundreds of Brainstorms, due to a Dry Spell in early March and a few really klutzy heroes, we are only able to account for seven of these wonders. However, it is commonly believed there are many more in the wild waiting to be found.