Brainless Scarecrow

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Monsters of Godville
Brainless Scarecrow
Grave Scarecrow.png
Class Living Puppet
Habitat Cornfields
Description Scarecrow that wanders around

The Brainless Scarecrow is a monster.

It is common that the lightning bolts of every God in Godville have ancient powers which can mutate creatures into something else or even animate dead things, such as Brainless Scarecrow. Now this monster wanders around senseless, since it has no brain and doesn't have it's own will.

Heroes might think that Brainless Scarecrows are needed to be slayed, since they look scary. But seriously, they only attack heroes when provoked!



  • Sharp claws
  • Scary looking
  • never gets Zombie's attention


  • failed to scare the crow
  • flammable
  • Stupid