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*[[Continuum transfunctioner]]
*[[Continuum transfunctioner]]
*[[Deus ex machina]]
*[[Deus ex machina]]
*[[Gift of fate]]
*[[Mystery box]]
*[[Mystery box]]
*[[Pandora's box]]
*[[Pandora's box]]

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Seek and you shall find

Type: Activatable Artifact

The Box with a question mark was probably born when some shady trader decided to appeal to our heroes' sense of gullibility. Not many people considered this artifact as special but when a chubby Italian plumber began his quest to save his girlfriend from a giant turtle, everyone saw what the artifact did, and boy were they amazed. Since they saw him grow in size and strength by eating the box's contents, all of the heroes began searching for these boxes. Unfortunately, the box worked differently for the heroes, probably because it was not used to being carried away in a bag by scruffy little good-for-nothings. It seems the effects differ for all heroes as indicated below.

The possible effects it may have include:

  • Gain money (around 100-4500)
  • Lose money (around half of what you have)
  • Gain/lose experience (around 3000)
  • Gain/lose gold bricks (usually one, in some rare cases up to three)
  • Gain/lose a death (up to 2 lost)
  • Nothing (you lose the item and godpower though)

Instructions for use

This item can affect your hero in some random way. (requires 50% of godpower)

See Also: