Bottled Water Elemental

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Monsters of Godville
Bottled Water Elemental
Description Unknown

Bottled Water Elemental is an amorphous monster with a body completely made out of purified, drinkable water. The monster's body flows out of a 20 oz. plastic bottle akin to how a genie's body comes out of a lamp. It is also known to carry the cap to its bottle with it at all times.

The origins of the Bottled Water Elemental are unknown. However, scientists and clergy have been known to speculate that either some sort of spirit possessed a water bottle or a water spirit had been filtered and bottled at a water bottle factory.

Because it is completely made out of perfectly drinkable water, heroes (especially ones who are thirsty) may try to drink the Bottled Water Elemental, which would result in the monster's death. The strategy of doing this is to grab the bottle attached to the monster (which forces the Bottled Water Elemental to retreat into the bottle and close it), then reopen the bottle and quickly drink it before it can escape. However, every Bottled Water Elemental seems to be aware that heroes will attempt to drink them and they will either completely engulf the bottle with their bodies, or maintain their genie-like shape, but always ensure the hero cannot reach the bottle. However, some heroes may be able to outmaneuver the Bottled Water Elemental and grab the bottle if the monster doesn't move fast enough.

Heroes should not be overly terrified of the monster because it always fights physically. However, it can bend water to its will and will attempt to drown heroes either with its own body or using water from nearby lakes, ponds, fountains, rivers, creeks, springs, or oceans. Bottled Water Elementals who are reckless have a tendency to use their own water bottles as a weapon.



  • Amorphous, liquid body makes it hard to hit
  • Can bend water
  • Very effective at drowning heroes


  • Physical attacks are very weak
  • Will retreat into bottle if a hero is able to grab it, making it unable to protect itself
  • Body is perfectly suitable for drinking
  • Thirsty heroes