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The Bossquito is an underground boss-monster content to stay in its fern infested cave while its employees scour the world looking for blood.

Boss-Monsters of Godville
The boss in its natural environment.
Class Aristocratic Bloodsucker
Habitat damp underground caves
Description A giant mosquito inside for blood and money.
Boss Type Underground
Part Level Level 1–2

The Bossquito doesn't want to collect blood directly, so it would order its mosquito employees to do the dirty work for it. In exchange for the hard work, the Bossquito would reward it's employees with minimum wages and benefits. The mosquito employees don't have a choice as no other employer would accept mosquitos.

The Bossquito doesn't consume anything other than hero/heroine blood. The intoxicating mix of blessed blood and countless alcoholic beverages is a treat for the Bossquito. Any other type of blood the Bossquito would sell to other blood consuming entities all over of the world, of course delivered by swarms of its employees.

If any hero would enter its fern infested caves, the Bossquito would summon all of its employees and reprimand them for not saying a hero has trespassed its cave and will order them to injure the hero without sucking their blood. The hero would then find themselves be chased by swarms of mosquitos slowly poking them to death and a giant mosquito out for their blood. Template:Navbox boss-monsters

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