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Artifacts of Godville
Type 💎Bold
Value Highly variable
Description The boss of currency.

The Bosscoin is a rare and valuable bold artifact earned through the datamine. They are a form of cryptocurrency (i.e. currency found in crypts) forged from pure data.


The idea behind the bosscoin was concieved of way before its creation. A wiseman pondered that since it is well known that money makes the world go round and knowledge is power, the most powerful thing in the world must be money made from knowledge. But godville tradition prevented the wiseman from setting out to create such a currency, such a ridiculous task could only be accomplished by sending a hero on a quest.

Unfortunately, heroes are quite averse to pure information, and any exposure to it would make their brain explode. This would be fatal for the hero, and inconvenient for both their god and the janitor. For a long time it seemed impossible for a hero to produce these valuable things, until one day a solution was discovered - a frankenboss created in the lab has no brain to explode and can forge the coins with only severe injuries. This breakthrough earned the coins their name, as they were built by boss-monsters, they were called bosscoins.

While the bosscoin is a currency in itself, heroes prefer not to deal with it, partly due to fear of head-exploding and partly because many taverns are old-fashioned and only accept standard gold coins. Fortunately for heroes, traders are willing to exchange them for standard currency.


A bosscoin is a priceless artifact, and consequently nobody can agree on the price of one for long. The value of these coins changes every hour, and those hourly changes can affect the price by more than 10%.

The Godville Times newspaper has displayed the exchange rate since the artifact appeared in 3500 g.e. (Dec 09, 2019) [1] Prices have reported as low as 4786 gold coins (Day 3518 g.e. ; 05:00PM UTC) and as high as over 18,000 gold coins.

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