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When a hero reaches the end of a mini-quest progression, a Monster must sometimes be defeated. Not just any monster; it's a little bit bigger than the monsters one usually finds, and it has a fearsome mustache. This is in accordance with the first rule of computer games: there must be a boss at the end otherwise you don't feel like you've got anywhere. As this rule contradicts a few of the other rules (such as rules 4, 7 and 4 + 7i), it was not at first obeyed in the land of Godville, but eventually someone waved a magic wand and many heroes' heads suddenly exploded and the bloody residues formed the basis of these new boss-monsters (conservation of mass and energy in action). Information regarding the species of these creatures is not currently available on the Godwiki due to the restriction of hazardous substances. However, it is known that some monsters may only be encountered as boss-monsters. The minimum health of a boss-monster is ~180hp.

Losing a duel to a boss-monster will cost a hero only a few coins, but winning the duel can win big. If there's time, a god should inspect the boss-monster's inventory before the hero is defeated. A very strong boss-monster's inventory may contain a couple of gold bricks. These boss-monsters are often so strong that the hero is defeated by the boss-monster's first strike. The hero's god must attend to the duel quickly before his or her hero is defeated.


The best strategy for defeating a boss-monster is for a god to help a hero with encouragement, punishment, voice of commands, and miracles while fighting the boss-monster. Since the commands are identical to those in the arena, arena fighting tips should give a novice god the basic information.

If a god cannot help a hero while fighting a boss-monster, the next best thing is to assure that the hero has maximum health going into a boss-monster fight. For example, if a hero is on a mini-quest and the hero's god has to walk into a very important meeting with the Supreme God of the Universe (or just the God's Boss), the god should encourage or provide other commands to make the hero's health bar filled with green before the boss-monster fight. Gods can also memorize the six mini-quests that usually precede a boss-monster fight and heal the hero near the completion of those mini-quests.

Underground Boss Monsters

These boss-monsters are encountered while digging using a Voice of God command.

  • Requires two (or more) people digging at the same time.
  • Starting entries (recorded so far ⇀ there are likely more that have yet to be reported):
  1. I heard a strange sound coming from the ground ⇀ like something is moving deep underneath.
  2. My shovel skid into the ground, opening an entrance to a den. I hear a distant roar. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
  3. I fall into a dark cavern and felt something sinister nearby. It’s pitch black… Am I going to be eaten by a grue or something?
  4. I have a bad feeling that I’m about to dig something that I wish I could bury back…
  • Hero/ine will wait 4 minutes after the starting diary entry for a match before moving on to the next milestone
  • Levels of heroes appear irrelevant (low and high levels can tag-team the same monster)
  • Like mini-quest bosses, health of the hero is NOT restored before the fight
  • Also like mini-quest bosses, miracles by templed heroes can be effective but will likely destroy the Boss Monster’s loot.
  • Division of the spoils in a 2-hero vs monster match: hero whose action is registered first (Encourage/Punish) for the final step wins the bigger half (slightly more gold, the monster’s ear/hair, 2 of 3 bricks, etc.).
  • In the event of a 3-hero match, largest portion still goes to the hero with the last action, but bricks are divided evenly (each gets 1).

Monster’s Abilities

  • Pickpocket – May skip an attack to steal an item. From a hero or seemingly out of nowhere. Stolen items can be won back, but it’s not guaranteed.
  • Faithless – Is immune to all Punish damage and Encourage backfires. Note: Can be overridden by miracles.
  • Deafening – Shouts down god/desses’ orders, making voice commands useless.
  • Hulking – This ability gives the boss more health.
  • Sweeping – Boss can attack multiple heroes at once.
  • Summoning – May summon a weaker version of itself to help take on the horde of opposing heroes, called a Mini-*name of boss-monster*. The ally will not have the same abilities as the monster, so a faithless monster's ally can be damaged by punishes. However, which monster an action affects appears to be random. The Mini-boss-monster is usually summoned when the boss-monster is between two thirds and half down in health.

Monster Species

Monster Species Health Hulking Health Health of Mini
Alpacalypse 156% ? 47%
Alpha Mole 110% 165% ?
Giga Byter 135% 202% ?
Heromnivore ? 250% 75%
Moleosaurus 106% 160% ?
Squirmisher 90% 135% ?
Terracotta Worrier 133% 200% ?

*All health numbers are estimates and indicated as a percentage of the combined total potential health of all heroes in the duel.

Boss Monsters
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