Boss-Monster Hints

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Below are dungeon room hints that a Boss-monster is in an adjacent room:

  • A huge beast's molted skin lies ominously at the heroes' feet.
  • A light gust of wind brings in a strange scent and some locks of dark hair.
  • A monster is singing off-key in a shower nearby.
  • A sound of uterine growlings is coming from a nearby passage.
  • Disturbing music starts to play.
  • For some reason the heroes break out in cold sweat.
  • Hero/Heroine (a random hero) complains that they're being watched.
  • Ominous music leaks through the fourth wall, unnerving the heroes.
  • Someone breathes heavily nearby.
  • Something big and heavy is walking nearby.
  • Something menacing is hissing nearby.
  • The heroes get the eerie feeling that they are not alone.
  • The heroes start to sneeze, as the smell of animal dander wafts across them.
  • The heroes’ sixth sense rings an alarm bell.
  • The room shakes periodically, as if a giant is walking nearby, causing the pots and pans that hang from the wall to shake.
  • The sign on the wall says: “Caution, evil boss nearby.”
  • The sound of a crunching of bones drifts by on the breeze.
  • The weapons of the adventurers are starting to glow blue.
  • There is a strange wheezing sound nearby.
  • What looks like a tail swishes briefly across the floor and out of sight.