Boss-Monster Hints

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Below are dungeon room hints that a Boss-monster is in an adjacent room:

  • A boss monster peeks around a corner and cheekily wolf whistles.
  • A huge beast's molted skin lies ominously at the heroes' feet.
  • A light gust of wind brings in a strange scent and some locks of dark hair.
  • A loud burp was heard from one of the nearby rooms.
  • A monster is singing off-key in a shower nearby.
  • A pair of reflective eyes shimmer momentarily from the darkness.
  • A save point foreshadows the presence of something dangerous nearby.
  • A sign on the bathroom asks all potential dinners to wash themselves before continuing.
  • A sound of uterine growlings is coming from a nearby passage.
  • A wandering priest offers each adventurer the last rites.
  • A wandering sage warns the party that their end is near.
  • An alarmed baby boss monster runs into an adjacent room, calling its parents.
  • An assistant peeks his head into the room and says, “The boss monster will see you shortly.”
  • An eerie howl chills the adventurers to their very souls.
  • An unearthly keening nearby sends chills down everybody’s spine.
  • At least one of the exits from here has a large exclamation point over it.
  • Bloody tracks lead into an adjacent room.
  • Disturbing music starts to play.
  • For some reason the heroes break out in cold sweat.
  • For some reason the heroes break out in a cold sweat.
  • Hero/Heroine (a random hero) complains that they're being watched.
  • Human imprints are being beaten out of the walls from the adjacent room.
  • If the walls here could talk, they would tell the heroes to leave, as quickly and quietly as possible.
  • Loud snoring in the next room causes the walls to tremble.
  • Ominous music leaks through the fourth wall, unnerving the heroes.
  • Ripples form in puddles in time with a nearby thudding sound.
  • “RUN AWAY” is scrawled on the wall in fresh blood
  • Someone breathes heavily nearby.
  • Something breathes heavily nearby.
  • Something big and heavy is walking nearby.
  • Something big and heavy walks nearby.
  • Something menacing is hissing nearby.
  • The bowels of the earth rumble forebodingly.
  • The faint, steady beat of war drums carries from the distance.
  • The heroes get the eerie feeling that they are not alone.
  • The heroes start to sneeze, as the smell of animal dander wafts across them.
  • The heroes’ sixth sense rings an alarm bell.
  • The impatient tapping of a claw echos in the room.
  • The room shakes periodically, as if a giant is walking nearby, causing the pots and pans that hang from the wall to shake.
  • The sign on the wall says: “Caution, evil boss nearby.”
  • The sign on the wall reads: “Caution, evil boss nearby.”
  • The smell of fear tickles %hero_name%’s nose.
  • The sound of a crunching of bones drifts by on the breeze.
  • The team experiences the urge to flee like never before.
  • The weapons of the adventurers are starting to glow blue.
  • There is a boss monster in an adjacent room.
  • There is a strange wheezing sound nearby.
  • Uncontrolled evil laughter spoils the surprise in the next room.
  • What looks like a tail swishes briefly across the floor and out of sight.
  • Without warning, there is a warning of a monster nearby.