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The Boozerker is a spectral boss monster obsessed with all things alcohol-related. They form from the souls of powerful warriors whose living days were filled with the consumption of beer and other similar drinks.

Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Undead
Habitat Underground burial sites
Description A powerful, ghostly warrior obsessed with alcohol.
Boss Type 1-Ability Dungeon


The first recorded sighting of a Boozerker was reported when a couple of heroes went on a drunken adventure just outside of Monsterdam. Fresh from the bar and thoroughly smashed, they stumbled upon, and around, a grave site. The overwhelming scent of alcohol in the area awoke an unnamed, ancient warrior who had apparently been buried there many, many years prior. With an unearthly wail, she screamed, "BOOOOOOOOOZE!" and rose from the ground, startling the unlucky heroes.

None of the heroes survived the encounter conscious, but they were rescued by the dungeon janitors and rushed to Monsterdam healers. The retellings of their encounter varied in some regards (most likely due to their drunken stupor), but a few details were clear: it was powerful; it seemed to be undead; they didn't recognize the monster; the apparition appeared to be female. They dubbed her a "Boozerker" due to her initial battlecry and combat style.

After the initial discovery, several other adventurers returned with such tales. These reports were strikingly similar to the first, however they were most definitely of different Boozerkers, since male versions were also reported. The first group of heroes to slay a Boozerker managed with heavy guidance and aid from their deities. Unfortunatly, any eager scholars wanting to confirm or deny the existance of the newfound monster were unable to examine a body, due to it having been a risen spirit and not a corpse.


The general belief among scholars is that Boozerkers are risen spirits of dead warriors that had a love of beer in life. They can be any manner of fighter, male or female, as long as they were also quite the heavy drinkers. The method of summoning this monster is to have an excessive amount of alcohol in close proximity to the grave of these fallen warriors. It is at which point they rise, yell their one-word battle cry, and attack the source of the smell of beer.

Other possible theories or characteristics of Boozerkers, scraped together from eyewitnesses, are as follows:

  • There's a common belief that a fallen Beerserker can rise to become a Boozerker. The main reasoning behind this is mostly due to their similar name, but nothing has been confirmed or denied.
  • One eyewitness report stated that the Boozerker will drink the highly alcoholic blood of the heroes it fights.
  • They do not appear to be fans of alcoholic eggnog, of all things. Until further evidence proving otherwise, we recommend carry only this to minimize Boozerker spawns.

Tips for Fighting Boozerkers

  • The more alcohol the adventurers carry, the stronger it becomes. Make sure to go to a dungeon before heading to the tavern, for minimal alcohol content.
  • The "booze-lust" can never be quenched, only momentarily sated. Use gifts of beer to distract the monster and make a quick getaway.
  • Any attempts to calm and interview Boozerkers have failed. Please, do not try this.
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