Booty hunters

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While plunderin D seven seas a group of treasure seeking pirates followin der trusty treasure map came upon a village in despair. ARRR D villagers were all but gone, cept hard working undertakers diggin graves. Lone behold a fight broke out among thee, for de X be were the undertakers be diggin. As D leaders fought the diggin continued till sounds be comin from D ground. Shovels shook, D ground be breaking as sounds growled from D hole. Yee monster appeared devourin D land N draggin a chest of booty. United by D common enemy, Undertaker N pirate fought Te Kill D Monster N Relive it of its Booty. Several Turns later and with the Aid of Der gods, D monster Fell Leav’n gold and plunder. D vast amount of booty in D village left both Pirate N undertaker cravin more. There B more monsters In D ground With Booty N trinkets for all. A new alliance was formed . Shovls N Swords B united to form D Booty Hunters, Where Diggers from through out Godville can Looted N Pilaged for the booty together