Boogie Woogie Man

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Boogie Woogie Man

The Boogie Woogie man, as his name suggests loves nothing more than to shake his booty on the dance floor. It will usually spend its days searching the forest for worthy opponents in the form of your hero/heroine, whereas in the evening you will always find one in one of Godville's lesser known nightclubs dancing to 70s tunes in a manner in which his children would rather kill themselves than have to witness.

When fighting your hero, the Boogie Woogie man will most definitely try and blind your hero with his awesome dance moves, if this tactic fails (more than likely it will) the Boogie Woogie man will most probably run off quickly.


  • Loves disco music
  • Able to move about freely on the dance floor
  • Looks good under disco ball lights
  • Frequently summons lesser followers


  • Clapping or applause before it's done dancing
  • Acapella music
  • Always point his finger up
  • Beautiful women, as it must carry them around
  • Baby cries make it run in terror