Boneless Skeleton

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Spooky scary.

The boneless skeleton is a monster. It used to be a normal skeleton, but one day, it forgot its head at home. And its legs. And its hands, and so on. The boneless skeleton looks like a bunch of cartilage that has been smashed together into a bone-like shape. This monster is actually pretty weak, but it looks terrifying.


  • Looks absolutely horrifying to any hero unfortunate enough to stumble upon it
  • Soft body, which allows it to absorb most blows from blunt weapons
  • Dreams of one day becoming the king of all skeletons, including those still inside unfortunate heroes


  • Not very structurally sound, as it tends to occasionally collapse into a heap of mush
  • Can be confused by pointing out its inherent contradiction, providing an opening for a stealthy hero to sneak away
  • Afraid of being cooked into a Russian jelly from hell