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|5. || {{god|Agnigraha}} || Regent
|5. || {{god|Agnigraha}} || Regent
|6. || {{god|Myror of the Mists}} || Patriarch
|6. || {{god|Zephyrin}} || Patriarch

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Bomb Squad
Motto: Build, Bomb, Repeat!
Alignment: Passion for Bombs
Gold Fund: 25369 c.u.
Date Founded: 22nd September 2011
Membership Count: 109
Guild Page: Bomb Squad 
Data current as of 11th July 2015

We are the Bomb Squad!

Diffusing Bombs by bombing bombs with bombardier bombers made by the bad guys since the times of the cavemen!


The Bomb Squad is, in its truest form, a Guild of heroes and heroines who have a passion for bombing; drinking booze and bombing things are the two things every guild member lives (and quite often dies) for! Historically, the art of bombing was discovered by ancient alchemists who were trying to dazzle everyone by showing off their might and knowledge of chemistry. Slowly, these alchemists, realizing that bombs were extremely powerful and fun to use, decided to form a guild that would preserve the knowledge and the art of bomb making. This goal eventually expanded to using bombs to punish people the guild disliked, while preserving those the guild did. Unfortunately for every non-bomber, the guild is very fickle in these matters, and most denizens of Godville have been bombed on one occasion or another.

The Bomb Squad has operated with the simple motto 'Build, Bomb, Repeat!' ever since its inception. It clearly states the mission of every guild member and the standard that they must live up to, just as their ancestors did. However, it is believed that among the current members only Arestavi is the direct descendant of the original alchemists who formed the guild. But, after finishing all paperwork for the guild's official registration, she went for a quest of self discovery, and also to find the mythical bomb reactant with the most devastating power human eyes has ever (or rather, never) witnessed, the very reactant that caused dinosaurs shrink in fear, turning them into lizards we know today. No one has ever seen or heard of him ever since. Some says that she has been hiding from the Godville Administrator for misconducted experiments and destruction of Admin property, but others think that her god is simply too caught up in the alternate universe called the Real World. But it is widely believed in the guild that when Arestavi returns, all of Godville will once again bow down to the might of Bomb Squad.

Joining the Bomb Squad

While it seems like joining the Bomb Squad is the smartest option for any hero, it rarely happens. Only a few enlightened ones find out about this ancient guild and take it upon themselves to join through a quest. But, other heroes can also be forcibly "enlightened" by their gods to join the guild. When the God gives the command Join "Bomb Squad" guild, the hero may take it upon him/herself to join this illustrious guild. Some hard headed ones may need repeated commands to persuade them to start the quest, so keep at it. Gods are advised to give this command when hero has completed his previous quest and has not yet started a new one. Heroes generally have clouded judgement, however, and may foolishly try to join a different guild after JUST entering the Bomb Squad. At such times the Gods can easily remove the cloud of doubt on hero by asking them to Cancel quest. If the hero doesn't listen in the first attempt, they may listen on successive attempts.

Guild Headquarters

The guild headquarters is a labyrinth of underground mines riddled with live mines called the Vein of Bombs. Only the members of the guild possess the knowledge and tact required to navigate these mines. People without the expertise often find themselves either lost forever in these passages or blown into smithereens by one of the many thousand mines surrounding the headquarters. The prophets of bomb squad have an entire vein of the mine to themselves, completely personalised to their tastes. The higher the rank, the bigger the portion of the mine they own. In fact, the initiation ceremony for new members consists of blowing up a small new passage where they can hide their earned or looted treasures and their mistakes. Legend has it that Arestavi still sometimes roams the headquarters unknown to other guild members, in the deep secret passages while in search of the mythical bomb component.

Guild Status

At present, the guild is led by three ancient prophets and six patriarchs under their wing, this guild slowly looks to expand their presence in Godville. With its members active almost all the time, Guild councils tend to be very interactive. This guild has recently become very active sensing the time for bomb squad domination is near. This guild generally is humane and does not distinguish between evil and good aligned heroes. Instead it is a sanctuary for heroes with a passion for bombing. That's right we are the Bomb!! Wait... Not literally it's not like we will explode... Will we?!?!

Guild Ranks

S.No God Name Guild Rank
1. GodArestavo  Prophet
2. GodDeadlittlepuppy  Prophet
3. GodNinjapacman  Prophet
4. GodThe Supreme Milan  Regent
5. GodAgnigraha  Regent
6. GodZephyrin  Patriarch

Temple Owners

Temple Owner Completion Date Rank
GodDeadlittlepuppy  1/12/2013 5031
GodArestavo  3/14/2013 6194
GodAgnigraha  5/23/2015 11803

Interested in becoming a member? Command your hero to join our guild and we will meet at our guild council over beer and bad karaoke!!! And last but not least always remember that if somebody ever throws a bomb at you just stop, drop, and roll!!!